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10k Alumni Challenge

The challenge is for Cook College and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences alumni to raise $10,000 for the Center by July, 2014.


All it takes is 100 alumni donating $100 each to reach the goal. This is totally doable!


The money will support upcoming research projects at the Center. It won’t go to the football team. It won’t go to repave a parking lot nor to faculty and staff salaries.


Click here to find out how YOU can help make this happen!



Swimming With the Sharks!


Every Family Member Deserves a Great Hospital!


Research is Fun - the People and the Horses are Great!


Young Horse Teaching and Research Program Offers Rare Opportunities and Creates Lasting Memories


How a Summer Job Became a Lifetime Passion


The Shaping of a Future Veterinarian

The Road to Graduate School - Pursuing a Ph.D. in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology


Turning a Lifelong Love Into a Career


So What Do You Do With a Degree in Horses?


Look No Further Than Your Own Backyard!






   Launched in 2000 by alum Dr. David Meirs II (B.S., Agriculture, 1950), industry leaders and alumni continue their fundraising efforts coinciding with the overall university campaign.  The Rutgers Equine Science Center, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011 is the premier resource for everything equine.  Known as a national treasure, the Center is recognized for its achievements in ensuring the health and well-being of horses and the horse industry.
The Equine Science Center’s internal programming and outreach to the community are legendary.  Every day students and the public continue to learn about horses, as the Center advances the knowledge base in the equine sciences and explores the unique relationship between horses and humans.  Join fellow alumni and equine enthusiasts by partnering with the Center with a gift to ensure the Center’s future for decades to come.  The Center recently initiated an ambitious $6.5 million campaign to endow a chair in equine sciences, and to expand faculty and research capabilities as well as programming and outreach.  Learn about the pivotal role your gift can play in training new generations of knowledgeable, passionate equine advocates and specialists by reaching out to us online or by phone.


      Gifts in support of the Equine Science Center may be made in several ways. Further information is available on this site or by calling the Center at 732-932-9419.


Equine Science Center For the Love of Horses: Case Statement





Hello fellow alumni! We hope that all of our East Coast alumni have made it through Hurricane Sandy safe and sound.  Before the hurricane hit, the Equine Science Center compiled resources to help horse owners prepare for weather-related emergencies: Even though the storm has passed, horse owners can always use the ESC website to prepare for future disasters.
The Center is proud to share with you the 2011-2012 Stakeholder Report. It is forty pages of all we have accomplished in the past year and more! The best part is that the science has been translated into language, including a key message that everyone can understand! The link can be found here. Also included is the link to our Fall newsletter.

Please enjoy the reading and try to reconnect with us if you can. Share with family and other horsey friends and don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook! We would love to catch up with you to find out what you have been up to since graduating and hear stories about your college days working with the horses at Rutgers. Send your name, e-mail address and/or mailing address to to reconnect and join the Equine Science Center alumni network. Feel free to browse the Center’s website to see what we have been up to lately. Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!


  • November 15 – Fall Webinar “Predicting Pasture Intake and Its Practical Application in Managing Grazing Horses” by Dr. Paul Siciliano, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science at North Carolina State University.
  • December 4 – Fall Webinar “Optimizing Equine Forage Use.” Dr. Krishona Martinson, Assistant Professor and Equine Extension Specialist in the Animal Science Department at the University of Minnesota.
  • December 11– The Annual Equine Science update at the Cook Campus Center. Join us for a light supper and the latest in equine research findings from our faculty, students and staff. Lord Nelson (now 39 years of age) promises a surprise!
  • February 10 – Horse Management Seminar featuring Dr. Ted Friend from Texas A&M talking about transportation stress!
Visit our website ( for more information on any of these upcoming events!


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