Tom Dison ha scritto: Maybe I’ll try to uninstall the vbetool package and the related ones. I’m completely ignorant apart from my knowledge of the information below: I can’t do it a again. I would say that it’s due to me using the bit version of Ubuntu, but that can’t be right either, since I’m pretty sure I was using that then as well.

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I have this problem to. No more crackling and digital output!

Still the vbetool hangs and I have to kill it to turn the screen back on and continue with the resume. As for what it’s doing now: Jaunty Jackalope fresh install up to date as of May 1, Nobu benjo wrote on Tom Dison 10df scritto: Dimitrios Symeonidis azimout on Probably some file I edited and forgot about.

I have the exact same issue.

I can 062b s2disk, with uswsusp, and 10fe resumes fine. Anyway, I have most of the stuff I want to keep on a separate partition so I don’t have to worry about that being removed Would like a separate drive for backup though. The nVidia nForce drivers for Linux include the nvsound module for the onboard audio. When I choose to suspend the computer it seems to work. Email me about changes to this bug report. Well, it’s not a notebook.


Suspend works perfectly, no acpi problems frequency scaling, etc.

I would say that it’s due to me using the bit version of Ubuntu, but that can’t be 026v either, since I’m pretty sure I was using that then as well. When I resume the power light blinks for a little while, turns solid for a few seconds, then starts blinking again and doesn’t stop after.

ALSA PCI Vendor, Device and Sound Card Driver List

Comment on this change optional. RichardN richardn wrote on My kernel reported the following: I had heard rumors that ALSA supported nForce4 cards with the intel8x0 module but the 10e would never detect the card. See full activity log. Jeremy, Diaboflo, Excentrik, Dan, Nobu, Sebrockcan you please try to verify this fix also resolves the issue for you?

vbetool 100% cpu usage on resume

Bowmore bowmore wrote on I’m using Karmic on an HP Dv2 laptop. My bios has an option to choose S1, S3, or both for suspend; I’m not sure which I should choose.


Biostar Microtech Int’l Corp: Confirmed, this did fix my problem, Thanks Luka. Normal suspend just blanks the screen, and the computer never goes into suspend mode fans are still blowing, the power light stays solid on 01de of flashing like it usually does. This bug affects 4 people.

Drivers Download: Pci Ven 10De Dev B

Changed in vbetool Ubuntu: I’ll try installing uswsusp and trying again to see if I get the expected results so that I can pursue this bug.

As shown above, I’m using a bit Processor and the bit version of Ubuntu. Dimitrios Symeonidis, I am currently unable to suspend at all, so I can’t really confirm at this point.

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