I had 3 cartridges and all three work after doing this. The RESUME button can be pressed if users do not want to wait for the printed transparency to dry before printing another transparency. Its inking like a stuck pig that was full of ink instead of o-ink. Works like a charm! The Cartridge Information window displays part number and status information about the installed print cartridges. Blue was working fine but now no yellow or pink.

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Followed the soak for 30 min on the refill. Select the correct size of the envelope in Paper Sizeand select In Tray for the paper source.

HP Deskjet C Professional Series Printer – Preferences Tab | HP® Customer Support

I have tried the soaking earlier but it didn’t work. The oral cartridge priming technique was documented as far back as New cartridge did away with pink. To print thick cards or cards requiring a straight paper path, use only the manual feed slot at priint back of the printer. So I tried a few of the tips posted on this site: Try Moe’s Roller Rejuvenator http: Only select Manual Feed when printing from the Manual Feed slot.


I would buy a new one but haven’t a clue on how to find one that would serve me half as well. It was a new cartridge so I knew it hadn;t run out, then tried 2 replacements and they were only printing pink!

Select the size of the card being used in Paper 1220cc or select Custom if none of the sizes match. Slide the envelopes into the printer until they stop.

In Print Settingsselect Setup. I’ve never had to recalibrate a printer, so I’m no help with your question. They had issues with some of their cartridges and yellow printout in the past. My C has started leaving dirty ink trails across the pages, even though have always used HP inks. I watched the cartridge thru the glass.

1220cc black only needed like a 5 minute bath but the blue needed a half hour bath. It has become very hit and miss. I took both their ideas. We print a lot of 11 X 17 aerial photo maps this printer works great pritn these. Wonder why HP doesn’t recognize this technique?

HP cartridges have a two year warranty, see http: I’ve applied the hot water cure and the blue ink does finally come out on the tissue paper, but once I put it back in the printer, the color blue 12220c doesn’t print. Clean print cartridges This button can be used to clear clogged ink from the nozzles of the color and black print cartridges.


HP Deskjet 1220c and 1180c Professional Series Printer – Printing Internal Tests

When I tried the process, I used an older cartridge that was known to be about half used. I have 2 more and will soak those when I need them. I am an old guy who had the same type problem prnt most of you described. I have a printer with 2 new cartridges that had the same problem magenta didn’t work. Btw, the first time I popped one of my cartridges into the MW, I put it in for a minute and after about 40 seconds, I could hear the ink boiling inside.

HP DeskJet 1220C Prints only Pink & Black

Labels, x mm 8. Slide the paper width adjuster to the right until it presses lightly against the paper. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. I’m surprised it still works.

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