Provides complete list of statutory and tax reporting, manages bank transactions, cash, payables, receivables, fixed assets, goods movement, sales, purchases. You are viewing limited content. If none of the properties has been set, the local standards are defined by the operating system settings. Provides HR management, payroll, tax calculation, statutory reporting, uploads data to 1C: Build times faster than you are used to. If everything is OK, we will see a list of tables from the site database.

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It also performs administrative actions on the database. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. We would like to connect to that with forms, but when we 1v we get this error in the LFForms Event Log.

1C:Enterprise – Developer ERP Platform for Business Automation Software Creation

As Jen said, we did try to set that up. Put a breakpoint at the end of the procedure and start the processing in enterprise mode. But display this data 1C: If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.


Konstantin Rupasov 7 People who like this: You are not allowed to follow up in this post. Here it should be understood that the treatment it is necessary to re-register the connection parameters to an external database, they are not kdbc in the configuration. Create Desktop, Cloud and Mobile apps.

In these cases the system performs filtration and sorting on such texts seamlessly. Powerful and flexible application for small business management.

Konstantin Rupasov 6 People who like this: People who like this: The platform interface When developing an application one can choose a GUI language. Integrated tools for report and printed forms generation provide unlimited possibilities in design and use:. Enterprise 8 Software system 1C: Business automation, consulting, and support Download presentation Site map Follow us: Here is the tested line of code that yield correct results: Perfomance management center; 1C: Integration with almost any external software and hardware based on universally accepted open standards and protocols of data transfer.

What is most interesting, outside tables are available in the query designer. Most popular Newest to oldest Most popular Oldest to newest. Sign in to reply to this post.


Dear Thach, We have reproduced your issue and it looks like a platform bug. Hello, Ha Thien Thach.

1C:Enterprise Platform

Enterprise platform do you use? The new version of the platform 1C 8.

We testd and it worked. Enterprise 8 for users Flexible adjustment of reports and data displays. Ha Thien Thach 9 People who like this: Example of interaction of 1C odgc sided accounting system: Multi-user mode supports simultaneous work of large numbers of users without any significant reduction in response time.

Hi Rui, I work with Dan. The basic accounting requirement in Russia is a paper document for any transaction in odvc system. Will let you know as soon as we have any news on this.

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