Our testers liked the concept of adjusting the club, but they could also see that it might be a bit confusing! I hit approximately 50 range balls with the new VR driver using three face angle settings — square, 1 degree open and 1 degree closed. Of course, I also hit it a fairly long way, and found more than my fair share of fairway woods. I will hit both before buying and choose then but your already a step ahead of me having hit both …thanks. The new Variable Compression Channel reportedly increases impact speeds at more spots across the club face. Hey Jake, I would urge you to try both drivers to see which one you prefer. It looks great and performs even better.

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STR8-Fit Driver does just that because you can alter the lie and face angles.

Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? There are no strange or out of the ordinary acoustics in this club.

Check out the VR microsite on nikegolf. The VR STR8-FIT will allow players of all levels to trust their swing more, and swing the club more freely for longer, more accurate drives and a more enjoyable golf game overall.

The latter more than made up for an of the str8-flt qualms I had about it, which is why it spent the majority of last season in my bag.

So I felt this driver was not only long but forgiving too. Two testers including myself rated it a 9, while several others rated it an 8. Your email address will not be published.


You may also like. I struck up a conversation with one of these players, Richard from Michigan, and he asked me if he could try the VR driver with the face adjusted to the 1 degree closed position, to counteract the fade he had been playing. The compression channel technology makes the VR Pro driver very forgiving.

The lie angle I tested was 9. It was only a matter of time before Nike added a driver to supplement this successful series of iron designs. Str8–fit driver is also popular on Tour with many of the world’s best golfers putting it into play! Odyssey Red Ball Putter. Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson in The Hi Dean, yes, -2 L is the most extreme draw setting. Puttin4Bird May 18, – I would like to see a slight comparison in forgiveness to other drivers in every review.

Trajectory was consistent and predictable with a middle to middle-high ball flight. My confidence in my driving has sky rocketed and my scores are showing it. That being said I keep hearing that this is one of the longest drivers out there and I am happy to hear that it is fairly forgiving. This would be on my short list of new drivers to demo if St8r-fit were in the market right now. Of course, I also hit it a fairly long way, and found more than my fair share of fairway woods.


I owned this sstr8-fit and it had been solid for me. I had always thought it was a gimmick but it truly does work.

Product Review: Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Fairway Wood | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

I am presently using two drivers, to accomodate my swing imperfection. Not as noticeable and easy settings. We accept credit cards through PayPal. Your email address You must enter a valid email address.

Nike VR STR8-FIT Tour Driver Review

The classic pear shape of the head is a step back from the square headed design of the SQ MachSpeed, and the slight ridge at the back edge of the crown subtly recalls the powerbow of previous driver designs. The driver is very easy to adjust — with a few turns of the included STR8-FIT wrench I was able to remove the head and move it to one of the other face angle positions in under a minute. However, he rated it highly in all other categories.

Even cc is huge to me. 20110 it treated you well, and I hope to nkke you over at Stonecreek again some time soon.

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