Cons Lose bit top speed. Game of PORK 3. Swapping the 20T sprocket on my Pashley Roadster Sovereign for this 22T was an easy task, and has completely transformed the gearing, giving better climbing and cadence all the time. Kurt Perkins on Verde. I just got the hub and sprocket cuz i wantit the sprocket smaller.. A good sprocket won’t bend from a few knocks. Chains physically don’t fit 8t drivers properly and caused loads of issues.

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But a good chain is important so you don’t split links every time you knock it. FYI, I run a 28t sprocket and don’t hit it any more than I would a 25t.

Sturmey Archer 22T Sprocket – 1/8 Dished C.P. – HSL830

Strongly recommended unless you spend all your time coasting majestically down hills. Like profile mybe im sprlcket sure about it. Sturmey 3 speeds tend to be geared bit high if you live spgocket hilly area. Will it fit Raleigh AG hub?

Just for the record, when I got my BTM Pros Improves hill climbing. Hi, Although we don’t know how similar the dishing of the sprockets is the actual fitting is the same so you can definitely fit these to your Sram hub.


Miche Track Sprocket | Aluminium Black | 1/2 x 1/8″ (3mm width) | 19T – 22T

Brokenbmx Brokenbmx https: Hello, Unfortunately we do not have any 22 tooth sprockets that will be suitable. So as far as I’m aware, no one makes cranks for smaller sprockets anymore.

SJS Cycles part number: The last response on this was last year. Cons Nobody else can see how clever you are.

A good sprocket won’t bend from a few knocks. Mike Gray – Indian Summer 1.

Sturmey Archer Rx Rd5. I just got the hub and sprocket cuz i wantit the sprocket smaller.

Devon Smillie – Fuego Promo. Pros Cheap, easy to fit. For more information on Sturmey Archer products please click here to visit their website link opens new window.

Smaller sprockets also wear quicker, and inherently make your chain weaker. Pros cheap, effective mod. Was easy to fit.

22t sprocket 8t driver? – General BMX Talk – BMX Forums / Message Boards – Vital BMX

Changed from 19T to 22T on old Dutch Bike can now go up gentle hills! Hi there, From what I can see, yes this should fit. My fit indents have bosses on both sides for mini and micro drive.


If you want to drop the gearing a 8h to make things a bit easier this will do the job, but you may have to add some length to the chain and alter the cable a bit. They are the old 19mm indents.

Get a bigger sprocket? Fit A Sram Automatix? Now got 1st for steep hills, 2nd for slight hills, 3rd smooth flat.

Track sprocket 22T Ergal 1/8” black MICHE Sprockets – Freewheels, Sprocket and Lockring Bike

Going to 22 tooth improved hill climbing. Pros Cheap, easy fitting, transforms gearing. Not much more to say. Hi, thank you for answer.

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