A more efficient solution would be to use automatic 6to4 tunneling. Security problems, such as the following, are inherent in such a tunnel. David guest June 7, at Also note that despite its NBMA nature, 6to4 tunnels are still tunnels , requiring both an ingress and egress IPv6 interface; they cannot be used to communicate directly between IPv4 and IPv6 hosts. Either of the following work arounds are available for Bug I was trying to look up the difference between generic ipv6ip and ipv6ip 6to4. One way to connect the IPv6 LANs would be to configure individual point-to-point IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnels, so that each site would have an individual tunnel interface to reach every other site.

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Is ND resolution required NH reachability from one island to another over 6to4?

6to4 as a Transition Mechanism (IPv6 Administration Guide)

R1 config-if ipv6 address You will configure it the same way you do on IPv4; however, use the global IPv6 addresses for your neighbor statements: Like 6go4 other transition mechanisms, it enables encapsulation of IPv6 packets into IPv4 for transport across an IPv4 network. R3 config router bgp 13 R3 config-router bgp log-neighbor-changes R3 config-router Then the router uses standard IPv4 routing procedures to forward the packet over the IPv4 network.

When an IPv6 host receives the 6to4—derived prefix by way of a router advertisement, the host automatically reconfigures a 6to4—derived address on an interface. You will configure it the same way you do on IPv4; however, use the global IPv6 addresses for your neighbor statements:. The IPv4 destination address for the prepended packet header is derived from the IPv6 destination address of the inner packet which is in the format of a 6to4 addressby extracting the 32 bits immediately following the IPv6 destination address’s The router then forwards the packets to the destination IPv6 node.


There’s also RFCthough I don’t know whether the theory it discusses has been implemented successfully.

Site Transition Scenarios Next: The packet begins as a normal IPv6 packet with IPv6 source and destination addresses. The address has the following form.

6to4 – Wikipedia

For example, using This interface must provide the external connection to the IPv4 network. The figure shows the path of traffic from Site A onto a 6to4 tunnel over an IPv4 network.

What are the key differences between automatic versus nwtwork configured IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel? This approach lets organizations slowly migrate to an IPv6 infrastructure without having to spend excessive time and financial resources to convert to the new infrastructure.

Azeez N Replied on October 7, Thank you so mutch, you save me lot of time, absolutely brilliant. Security Issues for 6to4 Relay Netwrok Support By nature, a tunnel between a 6to4 router and 6to4 relay router is insecure.

I wish to create a home network involving two or more computers and a printer. An Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay Routers.


How to configure IPv6 Automatic 6to4 Tunneling

However, if your site requires such a tunnel, you use the 6to4relay command to enable the following tunneling scenario. The second part is the IPv4 end-point address converted to hexadecimal. Forum Replies Hey Rene, Great write up!

R1 config router bgp 13 R1 config-router bgp log-neighbor-changes R1 config-router neighbor R1 config interface tunnel0 R1 config-if tunnel mode ipv6ip 6to4 R1 config-if tunnel source A variant called IPv6 rapid deployment “6rd” uses the same basic principles as 6to4 but uses a relay operated by ntework 6rd user’s ISP for traffic in both directions.

The following known bugs affect 6to4 configuration:.

Microsoft 6to4 Adapter (Code 10). How to fix it?

R3 ipv6 route Any IPv6 6tp4 that begins with the Is there any example for multicast traffic over 6to4 tunnel? You have implemented the checks and trust models that are suggested in Internet Draft, Security Considerations for 6to4. A trust relationship between the 6to4 site and the IPv6 destination must exist, or the both sites leave themselves open to possible attacks.

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