It was exactly that operating system limiting what we really need to do.. In a ocean blue lit room several people are gathering. But first off for those that do not know; what is multi-gpu rendering and, particularly, Quad SLI? Can Quad SLI change that? A pretty beefy system, that’s for sure, here are your ingredients: Yeah it’s alot of money to fork out on GPU’s and I don’t think I could justify paying that much but before doing the review I was more than content with my quadfire setup And no matter what the downsides are, we love to read, write or talk about it.

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GeForce Hotfix Driver See, we Gurus have this weird need for more, bigger, better, faster hardware. Call of Duty 4 6 – Gaming: This one guy stands up and starts a meeting. Not since the ATI days has there been a single card dominating the performance sector and despite their best efforts, Slo just could quas compete on the same level as Nvidia. Today obviously we’ll play peek-a-boo with a Quad-SLI system.

Now that crowd would be you guys In short I read this article and went.

Quad SLI Gaming Platform

It was exactly that operating system limiting what we really need to do. Windows Vista fully patched and updated SP1 recommended 9800vx2 Watts or higher specced power supply High resolution monitor x or above Positive thinking and a bit of luck Games man! Do we see the same thing with World in Conflict? The last requirement of Quad SLI is patience Are you interested in learning how well such configurations quaf What’s that you say?


We just can’t stop, can we? However I can safely say that there is no way I could justify spending that amount on gfx cards,but would love to try it out Quote.

XFX GeForce GX2 Quad SLI Versus ATI CrossFireX – Page 2 of 9 – Legit ReviewsThe Test System

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Very nice mate very in depth whens the crossfire and gtx reviews?

GeForce 9800 GX2 in Quad SLI Tested

Though I won’t be able to run these in quad on my current mobo. Well OK, Quad SLI started out in life in the form of the GX2 released in mid but ultimately it fell flat on its face due to scalability problems and Nvidia fell short of delivering better support due to the diminished uptake in the new technology.


It’s been a long time since we had such a fantastic, long lasting, king of performance. It’s a topic we quite frankly already have covered qkad.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This is exactly what we’ll look at today. So what pushed Nvidia out of hibernation? In a ocean blue lit room several people are gathering. While I don’t agree with the way Nvidia abandoned those stuck with the cards I can understand why they did it as with a new operating system and DirectX10 on the horizon, Nvidia had bigger fish to fry. If you run into any problems, just drop us a message on the forums. Since while heating bills in Interior Alaska are nasty, the electric is just as.

Four 9800 GX2 Video Cards in a System

Quite a challenge I figured but hey Is it enough to run Crysis at a decent resolution with all the eye candy turned on? The past couple weeks have done that in testing all this new high end gear.

But to say a bit:

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