Laser and Ink printers. Sports action cameras accessories. Bags for digital cameras. So, whether you intend to buy a webcam for video conferencing or a wireless mouse for your laptop, you can always choose A4TECH for your needs. Additionally, it includes 8-in-1 software function and three buttons for easy conduct of tasks in computers.

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Keyboard language Eng The language of the keyboard keys indicates what kind of characters are displayed on the keys of the keyboard and what additional languages can be used. Our suppliers currently do not provide information about possible delivery times of the product and the possible price when it is on sale again.

Prior to buying a keyboard you should verify if your computer supports a USB keyboard. Port USB The connection of the keyboard to the computer. Moreover, the product features intelligent multisampling that provides fluent video transmissions devoid of any lag.

A4teech best of computers requires the finest peripherals like mouse, keyboard, webcams and more to enhance the working of the system and make it more efficient. Moreover, the wireless mouse also holds significant relevance in the portfolio a4hech it proves as great travel companion for laptops having Bluetooth connectivity and also offer adjustable DPI functionality. Started in as a manufacturer of computer peripherals, the brand now leads the market, with its highly advanced gadgets.

PSU power supply unit.


Additionally, the wireless keyboard lets you have easy connectivity along your computer system a4tdch Bluetooth or wireless dongle so that better convenience is achieved. The brand also designs gaming mouse that comes with LED indicator and includes advance 4-core system. We do not have information as to when this product will be available.

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Oscar Gaming Mouse(XBK) |

The optical wired mouse has been designed to work across a majority of personal computers, laptops and more via the USB port designed across in the wire. These mice crafted with x710nk light strike technology use infrared micro-switch reacts with light speed giving great click response.

These standardized keyboards come designed in both wired and wireless variety and offer easy compatibility with personal computers and laptops. Subscribe and be the first to get great deals! Mobile phones and smartphones. x710bi

A4Tech Philippines: A4Tech price list – A4Tech Mouse, Keyboard & Webcam for sale | Lazada

Prior to buying a keyboard you should verify whether the keyboard language complies with your requirements. The keyboards bear natural layout and provide comfortable keys so that typing can be carried on easily.

You can receive more detailed information about the a4techh and connection of the mouse at the manufacturer’s website or by calling our managers.

Ease of Your Computer Working with Accessories from A4TECH Philippines The best of computers requires the finest peripherals like mouse, keyboard, webcams and more to enhance the working of the system and make it more efficient.


Motherboards for Intel CPUs. The A4TECH Webcams even dominates the portfolio of the brand, for they offer enhanced display through its HD cameras, so that sharper and superior image quality is received. Laser and Ink printers.

Driver A4Tech X-710BK 3.515

Please check your phone for the download link. In conclusion, any computer user would be in the need for technologically enriched accessories that can make their system more efficient and reliable. Network attached storage NAS. Mouse bundle Ir This parameter indicates whether a mouse is included with the keyboard. The innovative options offered by A4TECH to the Filipinos clearly showcase x7710bk the recent profit trend of the brand is not for short duration and will progress even in the future.

For any other x710bo, Click here. Additionally, it comes designed with an inbuilt microphone so that video chats can take place comfortably.

This is what the different offerings of A4TECH provide to computer users so that they are able to properly undertake their personal and official work in a highly convenient manner. Bags for digital cameras. The webcams with antiglare coating counteract reflections and given in vivid images with perfect hues.

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