If only it had come with Android 4. Posted February 15, edited. How about the custom for him? I am trying again but only mounting the “Device Manager” instead of the XT That’s probably down to the complete absence of any buttons on the front of the handset. Drag the file here. I have Windows 7, but I’ll look into problems with media player.

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Acer CloudMobile S500

MTPFS is used for Samsung Galaxy phones and others which don’t connect as a storage device, but connect as a read-only storage with limited access to certain media files. A menu with a scale appears.

Let’s hope that by Jtp, I ordered a battery with ali. Is that simplified enough? To return to full root, it is necessary to repeat the last two instructions of the village.

Drag the file here. Download the archive Install. That’s probably down to the complete absence of any buttons on the front of the handset.

We strongly recommend that you read Rules section “Android – firmware” New themes should be created only root partition! On the left side there’s a micro USB port for charging it or connecting the handset to a PC, while on the right there’s a volume rocker.


A silver trim and curved edges class it up considerably, but it could still never be accused of being stylish or cool.

Acer CloudMobile S500 pictures

What can I do? There is no development of any! After the reboot is only shell-root with clouemobile. If this does not help, try again. Thought for sure Once you pick it up, impressions improve considerably. Now when i am exiting root i have the folowing error rm: Features and photo devices Acer CloudMobile S I ordered a battery with ali, it came for 2 weeks in Ulyanovsk region, the phone worked perfectly, it turns out the problem with the inclusion of the battery, it costs about r, I order one more for every.

Why are you using the mtpfs at all? Ready to buy a touch screen with a display or sell a carcass.

Acer CloudMobile S | TechRadar

Example – run the following from the terminal: Introduction Next Page Interface. The people help out Hi all Having messed with this for s5500, a new idea: You will be prompted to create a folder, and then the file name. Respect your and other people’s time. You can have the function disabled in sleep mode.


People help root get on 4. We strongly encourage you to read Rules section “Android – device” New themes should be created only root partition!

According to the results we obtain unstable Root Access – open until the first reboot. Lack of such support is extremely rare, and such a case would tend to support setf rather than setaf.

Click Start, and wait for the imgc file to complete its creation. If someone wants to help me, make an image of your S according to the instructions and put it It’s fortunate then that Acer isn’t relying on its cloud service alone to tempt people to part with their hard-earned cash.

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