Wah, kalo yg itu gak ada ide deh Hi anonymous, I have also an HP b, followed the procedure posted here but didnt succeed. Eko Keep up your good works. Tapi saya tidak berani lakukan upgrade bios karena beresiko. Sorry for the speech, looks like others are in “Vista Hell” too.

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How do you guys get the SATA drives without a floppy? Saya yakin, pasti ada sesuatu yang terjadi dalam pembuatan CD master sehingga hasil slipstream nLite tidak berhasil entah itu dari kemungkinan kesalahan driver atau master XP-nya atau bahkan proses konfigurasi di nLite.

This step-by-step procedure is very easy to understand. Does somebody have the sounddrivers for extensa ?

WinImage self Extractor file” how can this be the file for the driver If you’ll do that I’ll be very greateful. Support Acer Euro Setelah travelmatee modem, saya restart juga tidak muncul2 modem-nya Saya tes download driver modem XP dari site Pan Am Acer TravelMate juga sepertinya sama isinya juga tidak berhasil Driver modem XP yang bagus diambil dari site mana ya?

This information very useful for installation windows xp in toshiba satellite L40 non Satx with no fdd. I have to use more of these ideas. Atau silakan dicb yang dr link syada kemungkinan controller-nya sama bisa dipake yg ICH8.


Installing SATA Hard Drive with Windows XP (Without Floppy Drive) – Eko Wahyudiharto’s Blog

Check this out too On Driver Integration Options window, choose Textmode Driver option and select all drivers listed, and click Next to continue. Clicking on Next button, you will be prompted to inserting from the source disk of SATA drivers software: Thankful for any help. Sorry for the speech, looks like others are in “Vista Hell” too.

I copied both the WinXp disc and sp2 into seperate files. I mean I’ve tried it over and over again, I have had zero luck.

Installing Windows XP on Acer Travelmate 6291 Laptop (SATA Hard Drive Without Floppy)

Jadi, sebaiknya install dulu driver sound sebelum modem. The drivers from acer support does not work. Once again thanks a lot. Apakah sound Anda sudah terinstall dengan baik dan driver modem memang untuk Windows XP? Apakah yang salah dengan modemnya?

This is because up till now the Sound Audio is not yet activated. Thanks this appears to be working for me too. Comments from Prasetio solindoweb. It’s trxvelmate to know how Acer’s bloatware will react to trying to install Windows XP beforehand and then hoping it will run properly without making the whole thing inoperable kinda thing.


I seriouly love your instructions!!

1tb SATA Hard Drive for Acer TravelMate | eBay

I thought that your SATA driver is not correct to your current system. Jadi saya rasa itu keduanya. Do you swear you have a working floppy drive but still can’t get the damn XP setup travelnate forward right after the formating the hard drive?

I have an Acer AspireI just wanted to say I’m dealing with the same problem.

1tb SATA Hard Drive for Acer TravelMate 3030 3040 5320 6231 6291 6492 7220 7320

saat I’ve been working on this at least 5 hours and you deal worked perfect. I have downloaded the driver from the official Acer website and have installed it, but it didn’t work.

I was hitting my head against my desk when I found this article. Any advice would be appreciated.

Saya harus bagaimana, thank. It is working fine for my Gateway NXX.

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