Delete logical drives This command deletes the specified drives and returns their capacity to unassigned space. Adaptec raid s raid controllers: This subagent also responds to requests from the master agent for information as needed. If your operating system supports a broadcaster, Storage Manager enables you to specify that event messages be sent to users, groups, and devices, through email, to the system error log, and the Adaptec log file. For access to all of the advanced features of your controller, install the version of Storage Manager specific to your operating system. Page 85 This window displays a list of the events submitted to the application log by the broadcaster, as well as other applications. Solsman Dec 12,

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Dead Device failed to respond to controller commands. The battery status and available backup capacity in hours is displayed. Available tabs are Information and Configuration, as shown in Figures Figure The utility does not parse the entire command line before starting an operation.

Adaptec SCSI RAID S – storage controller (RAID) – Ultra SCSI – PCI Overview – CNET

However, if the boot device will be an array, that array must be created before the operating system is installed. The SP and MI must be provided by the operating system or other third-party.


Select the direction for the copy, then select Ok.

Failure conditions are indicated as follows: Some important events may not be displayed by the default level. Page 33 The status condition is one of the following for attached devices: Storage Manager—Older storage management software that provides the same basic functionality as Storage Manager Pro but has the advantage of supporting the following additional operating systems: For more information, see Configure Allows changing the configuration of the array.

It is not intended for use with controllers by other manufacturers.

Drive Failures Drive Failures Drive failures are indicated by flags, which differ depending on whether they refer to an array or a drive in an array. Configuration Tab The Configuration tab for a controller displays internal settings for that controller, adatec shown in Figures Figure Used Pages The number of pages that currently contain disk data. More detailed status information can be obtained by viewing the Information window for that drive or array.


Page 83 You can select or modify the following parameters: Use the instructions appropriate for the operating system being used. TV and Movies by Joan E.

You 21100s select or modify the following parameters: List Shows tasks for the controller Build Starts build of logical drive Rebuild Starts rebuild on logical drive Verify Starts a verify operation Stop Terminates active task on drive Specify drives by the device address. Valid stripe sizes are: This switch is ignored for RAID 1. If one or more controllers are found, the storage subsystem hardware configuration is displayed. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


Description The manufacturer and model. This does not affect the LSU of the array. Select two or more arrays of the same type from the list of eligible devices, then click Done.

Don’t show me this message again.

Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S – storage controller (RAID) – Ultra160 SCSI – PCI

The Advisory setting allows the controller to use its own rair for cache management. If you reset the NVRAM on the controller, any changes to your controller parameters return to the factory defaults. Agreement, in writing signed by an officer of Adaptec. Storage Manager Figures show sample views of Physical Configurations.

The Available Connections window shown in Figure shows the types of connections you can use and any predefined connections you have created.

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