Obviously, it’s destined to be a hit and to be at the head of price list for the whole ASUS V video card series. Thanks to this method, the difference in quality depends practically on parameters of the high-frequency track. According to the description, the card supports 8, 16 and 32 bit color depth at the resolution up to X at 75 Hz. A relatively short cable for stereo glasses. The other channels were set manually indicating the number of the channel or its frequency. The majority of tuners allow setting it for the buttons from 1 to

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Asus AGP-V7100/Deluxe Combo/32MB Manuals

Later I learned that the tuner was fixed at 5. Such area can be just any square established by a user with a mouse. PreView function divides the screen on 16 parts and allows viewing in these windows 16 channels simultaneously. The card is xgp supplied with an internal connector for taking sound off what allows directly connect it with a sound card.

Awfully is the fact that a remote control is missing. The program found 8 frequencies, 3 of which turned to be wrong.

ASUS V Deluxe Combo (NVIDIA GeForce2 MX)

Besides, the complete set includes: Summarizing the aforementioned items I should say that the manufacturer has not thought out well the ergomonic design of the device, despite some successful solutions. Another disadvantage is that the both programs do not support a function of renumeration of channels.


The selective comparison results are shown in the table: The digital video is recorded into avi file, together with the sound. For example, they can be clearly seen on a rosebud. In the last case the compressed image doesn’t v7010 information on colors at all. Here, you always have to key in two-digit number.

I should note many convenient settings for changing resolution, frame scan and color spectrum. A relatively short cable for stereo glasses. For example, I have the following channels working: Pixel beatings can’t be eliminated, the image is too light. ago

The signal was applied via the S-Video combi into the board in question. Aver Media TVPhone98 allow listening to FM radio stations, especially considering that such possibility is included in the Philips RF module on which the tuner is based. Obviously, it’s destined to be a delux and to be at the head of price list for the whole ASUS V video card series. When I wrote about it to the manufacturer they said that the program doesn’t get on with DirectX 8. Here are the resolutions that were allowed by the video card on my computer: There is a fullscreen function as well.


I think that it is achieved at the expense of sensitive input analog cascades of the DC30plus.

Asus AGP-V/Deluxe Combo/32MB Manuals

Possibility to define concretely a security area is a special feature of the program. For this purpose there are special glasses with regulated polarizable filters provided. But there are some downsides: When it was on, we got up to With the help of AutoScan the program scanned the whole frequency range from 39 to MHz established for broadcasting. No possibilities of a convenient choice of files, no scaling, no scrolling.

ASUS V 7100 Deluxe Combo graphics card – GF2 MX – 32 MB

I was interested in a possibility of video editing in serious aagp programs such as UleadMediaStudio 6. However, the digital stream coming to the HDD constitutes, in this case, RGB codec with 16 bit color depth 84 s on 1 GBytes. When this option was disabled, the program found not more than 5 channels when scanning the frequency range.

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