The Compal FL90 meets these requirements very well. You placed the highest bid! Though the Compal FL90 isn’t loud , the dynamic changes of fan speed might annoy. My laptop died because of the very same reason. But I find that most laptops fail fairly soon if you don’t regularly blow them through with compressed air. The size of the keys is generally very good, except of the small enter key.

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The only con is the already mentioned vibration when double-tapped.

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They are white, and hard to press. The FL90 also provides an excellent webcam, and good speakers.

Thank you for bidding on Catawiki! Its runtime ranges from one hour to above three hours.

Its buttons are hard to press on the edges. Shipping costs are for mainland destinations only. Your brand Brand Ahtec. It’s for the logo of the brand under which it will be sold. Before you can start bidding, we need some additional information. UK Next day delivery available Monday-Friday until 9pm.


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Currently I have a Dell Inspironwhich I bought five years ago. Catawiki Computer Collectables Computer Collectables auction. Gaming tests with the help of Fraps: Automatic bids allow you to be one step ahead of other bidders.

Nevertheless, it is very good touchpad – it’s precise, sensitive and has nice sliding properties. Additional information required Your address has been entered incorrectly or incompletely. Don’t know whether this can be recommended in general though.

However, I already have another ahtec signal XMwhich is 10 years old and is working like the first day. It has been manufactured by LG.

It’s layout is nice. The full amount of your automatic bid has now been reached.

Review Compal FL90 Notebook – Reviews

Even a single mouse movement will cause the fan to run more frequently. However, this problem can be solved, by a different configuration. Dust in the fans is a very ahrec problem for notebooks. You haven’t bid on this lot yet. The benchmark tests prove the good performance of this video card.


Ahtec laptops/tablets comparison, reviews, discount offers, tests and news.

The biggest weakness of the Compal FL90’s case is that the transport hook is missing. Thanks to our partners of Notebookcheck Polen, who reviewed this notebook. Even with the larger battery the run time is not satisfying. Please, switch off ad blockers. Laptops with exhaust at back are more prone to this problem, as the air often gets blocked when you keep it on your bed or couch or even your lap.

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