AirTies Client Steering technology follows your mobile devices while they are moving around and forces them to connect to an Access Point that can provide the best Internet speed at their specific location. AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive and most power efficient manner. This app has been designed to work with some operator products, but not all. But as we bring more technology into our home and stream more and more video, standard Wi-Fi can often be slow or fail completely. This is causing many support calls and increased churn. Again, do not buy.

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Increasing numbers of support calls are Wi-Fi related, and the usual support response is restart the home gateway.

It also provides interfaces to update the configuration of your AirTies wireless network including Network Name and password settings as well as configuring Guest Network or Energy Saver functions. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. The device will automatically enter idle mode immediately when there is no network access. Wireless network ports of the device can be deactivated manually through Wireless menu in Web UI of the device.

Wi-Fi interference can cause slower Wi-Fi speed or interrupted service. Different housing elements create various barriers for Wi-Fi. Unfortunately wireless devices cannot always make the right decision; dual band capable devices usually choose 2.


AirTies Managed Mesh Solution

Manage Wi-Fi — interop with operator grade management servers. In this way, the wireless network map is completely fluid and flexible, never using potentially wasteful negworks routes.

Does not find any of my three AirTies, even when standing next to them. External Power Adaptor included in the box. Plug and Play – pre-paired pack of devices.


As Wi-Fi specialists, AirTies make small and sleek Wireless Access Points, which you can easily install in multiple locations in your home, boost signals and speed up Wi-Fi.

AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive and most power efficient manner. AirTies App is a consumer app which allow easy installation and management of home Wi-Fi.

It should be illegal for them to put out a nonfunctional app. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. The power consumption of the device airtiws idle mode is measured when all wired network ports are connected and all wireless network ports are activated. AirTies MESH Technology resolves problems such as weak wireless signal and limited coverage area often encountered in multi-story concrete buildings.

AirTies Wireless Networks – Technology

AirTies solves the problem. To solve this, AirTies steering technology include algorithms to manage legacy clients to connect to the best Mesh Extender or frequency band. This allows the use of radar and weather channels restriction may apply per country. AirTies Managed Mesh System is running an intelligent routing algorithm that can calculate the best path from your wireless client to any source with fast recovery to resolve real time network changes.


Dead spots and packet losses on your wireless network becomes a thing of the past with the MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output technology and the advanced error recovery system contained in the There’s really no alternative. Many legacy wireless clients do not support the latest standards.

AirTies Remote Manager is a cloud based monitoring and control system. Personalize Wi-Fi — change settings for one AP; network follows. The AirTies themselves do not have the coverage I was expecting. That way, Wi-Fi signals originate from multiple access points so that every wireless client receives a much stronger signal wherever it is, eliminating usual dead spots.

However, when you walk inside your home, your mobile device also comes with you.

‎AirTies WiFi on the App Store

This app has been designed to work with some operator products, but not all. DoC for Air There are zero advanced options and no online support. The app is horrible.

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