I remember having to make this connection myself for my second drive when I bought the second IDE drive to go in the empty caddy. Even if you don’t own an HD24, it may be worth it for your studio to have compatibility. Without them in the FirePort, the only light on is green. I have not tried nor do I know of anyone who has successfully used ftp to extract files from the Alesis HD I used a Firewire adapter on a desktop PC. I think the FirePort is toast.

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Use Your Alesis HD24 with Windows 10

I have a question – when you put a drive caddy into the FirePortdoes the drive “spin up”? Ffireport this product does not feel entirely done, but it’s headed in the right direction. I tried compatability, etc. I never saw anyone with the manual.

The Orion32 is a prime example. If you are getting a solid red light all the time, I think that is the problem.

Alesis Fireport FireWire Interface for Hd24 or Hd24xr | eBay

With that being said, there are some real problems that may make this unit totally broken for some people in its 13394 state. The company link for this device is http: And really, it’s the most “analog” sounding USB audio interface I’ve heard! Neil Howard January 02, The last live recordings were 2 hrs and 40 minutes – you can imagine acquiring 24 tracks of that with this method I have only tried entire folders.


Exporting a track out of Nuendo 2.

Make sure you are running HD24Tools “as Administrator. Rollie- The HD24 hard aleais and your computer hard disk have completely different file formats, so they are not mutually compatible.

Do your drives spin up, even if you are not connected to your PC? Disconnect the caddy, then you can slide the top off the caddy and check the connection between the IDE drive and the pin Centronics connector in the back end of the caddy. I just adzt your post.

I have run across a newer technology for multitrack recording: If you have scratched the surface of recording history, you know the impact that EMI I put the drive back in the caddy and it was still working fine in the HD This could be because the Fireport has a loose or faulty power connection itself, or the Fireport has some kind of internal power fault.

Since it worked before, I tend to discount the internal fault. Neil Howard December 19, I am running windows 10 64bit. It fit perfectly there is an outside cable key on the top alesus of the female connectorbut it looked like there were more male connectors on the HD not used. Jack McQuade January 02, You should not get any red light, but you should get a solid green light.


What sets the iD22 apart from countless other compact audio interfaces I’ve tried is its big-console feel and sound. Hi, still having problems with alesis firepirt connection with windows Here is what is happening – and it was the same with the old FireWire card and using a few different FireWire cables, just to be sure – a drive caddy works in the HD Neil Howard November 01, Laesis was even faster going to a FireWire drive connected to the second port on the FirePort.

Yes, you can still buy IDE hard drives. I saw something about connecting the caddies via USB. Use a stand alone PC or laptop not connected to the web.

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