What struck me about this table is to be able to record channels in a sparment squenceur. No adjustment gains for stereo voice. I use it for multitrack recording in Cubase. In the jungle of these products, it is well placed. Voila, hsitez not invest if you want to start. I liked when testing the same phonic helixboard. You can find the firewire version very cheaply used, jump at the chance!

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No adjustment gains for stereo voice.

I find it it not very cool She also ene October 1 this year to live and also no problem even if it is limited to our level of fans is more than enough. Must not ask too much, it’s not the mackie, yamaha, or ssl digidesign!

I assume there are some rack ears built to hold this.

There are 99 presets in total Hall reverb 10x – 10x reverb Room – 10x Plate Reverb – Reverb Chamber 10x – 10x Chorus – Flanger 10x – 10x delay – 10x pitch – etc. The Latency is not bad at all on this guy.

For integrated effects in the table: Sort by most recent most useful. FireWire version is no longer marketed, replaced by the USB2. I liked when testing the same phonic helixboard. I think it was to reposition itself from the competition that is bcp more in multitrack recording. See below, not the courage to rcrire. I hear a slight hiss when all Knob snt thoroughly, but it’s very manageable. Ideal for live recording budget in my case, for an example check out my space http: The reverbs themselves sound pretty nice.


Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer | eBay

In short, without going into details, you must first install the drivers and immediately update the firmware for the upgrade to version 2. It took me a few minutes and a little help from the manual to get a good grasp on the effects section.

Yes there is also a built in effects section. The grip is quite simple, just look at it with a semblance of logic.

I have not tried other models, and if j’tais rich, I took a n12 from Yamaha or a Mackie Onyx with firewire card.

The usual functions are obvious, it is again in a serious problem not to find them! But hey, when no PC side, it’s better than nothing. After it works with the version of Cubase LE comes. I love this table, I swear! Fortunately, as it is in English and the fact there is not French. Regarding the connection with the PC when the drivers are installed it lighter and is recognized instantly in cubase But for that price, I went around, there’s no better.


Another important point from which t said before, the drivers are unstable if you use the table as a sound card for windows. It is not rackable alone.

Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire 16 Channel Analog Mixer

Almost like chorus effect. Let’s say that a can be used. Beginners Value For Money: The manual was ok. I chose this table because it transfer to a pc or mac via firewire cable digital tracks each independently of the other, which I use for recording. Or the fiirewire of my new firewire cable. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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