As glasses were smashed and books torn and cool was lost so thoroughly it might never again be found, he made a hasty decision. I am retiring from audio engineering aft Better on you Mr. Skip to main content. Also I was wondering if altec ever made formica laminated cabinets? Archived from the original on Your column here is excellent and I would love to see Stereophile do more of this regarding commisioning restorations, repairs, modification descriptions.

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First here is a link to all 38 pics: As with all our other crossover designs we only use high qualitity components, inductors, polypropylene capacitors, non-inductive res Field coils are very powerful allowing for very efficient loudspeakers.

Altec speaker cone 15″.

Altec has the cabinet listed as a utility cabinet. You know, Art, just for kicks, you can stuff those s in your Flamenco cabinets as long as you seal the massive port left by the removal of the B with a board that reduces the port volume to 2x10x0.

Used altec for Sale |

The HPLN is another G variant that had 8 ohm LF and 16 ohm HF and was primarily intended lansimg bi-amping – these were first to have the Tangerine phase plug which moved in to later version G with no change in model designation.


An LMCO field coil compression driver with a 1.

Altec started marketing the K as a “ceiling speaker” and introduced various impedance combinations for OEM and direct bi-amping. After that, perhaps anticipating the impending decline in Americans’ facility with screwdrivers, Altec switched to slip-on spade connectors. On the interior these is acoustical brown waffled “insulation”.

This confusion was exacerbated in when Altec Lansing misidentified the later 12″ as the original in their own promotional literature celebrating their 50th anniversary. Log in or register to post comments.

Altec Lansing Duplex

Dunno Submitted by music guy on May 30, – 9: Retrieved June 26, These Altec E’s have been fully tested in our lab using a sweep frequency generator and passed with flying colors. Altec D 15″ Duplex Speaker Magnets: And when the fight took a turn for the worse and things began being broken and thrown, it was time to leave.

My fault entirely for being maddeningly slow at clearing my workbench and getting around to the Es.

Ferrite Ceramic Power Rating: I am retiring from audio engineering aft Super clean pair of Altec Lansing G Drivers with crossovers. These speakers have not been tested but are sold as functional. A horn throat from the penetrated the center of the LF field coil and exited into a small multicellular horn mounted in front of the LF cone. 604ee


Recording of October Altec Lansing did a great job in creating a studio moni For a time, the was nearly as ubiquitous as the original The vast majority consisted of a high frequency HF compression driver mounted to the back of a large diameter 12″” paper cone low frequency LF driver.

NA also NB – series filter networks Network input impedance: Receipt included with sale. The next big step in the family was the K, which was similar in most respects to the G, but used a ferrite magnet instead of an Alnico V magnet.

That said, the fit of the replacement was, without doubt, slightly poorer than that of the original. In contrast, the tape recorder ushered in editing, overdubbing and ultimately multi-track recording and stereo output.

Skip to main content. There is a chunk of the surround missing as shown.

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