Page History Login to edit. Posted Sep 21, I reserve my opinion because we haven’t seen the obstacles a vendor who did choose to do the Right Thing would face. Whenever running iwconfig or any wireless utilities to set it up it compiled and loaded fine otherwise. Configuring your Atheros Wireless Card 08 May Could you please post the exact model so maybe we could take a look? It seems the script commands are not being permanently made.

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The website became a valuable but largely unacknowledged testing resource now for several parties.

Mageia forum • View topic – Atheros/madwifi support

The driver depended on that stack, and Linux had no comparable alternative at that time. It really is great to see that in the open source community. Beware of taheros reactions in answer to unconstructive complaint-type posts. All Atheros hardware has the capability to host at least two antennae. That said, it would be better if they handled compliance by going after offenders rather than apternate to make sure all devices are incapable of transmitting non-compliant signals.


Mageia forum

You know the saying that C is portable assembly. Posted on April 29, by ruchi Comments. Your card should have been detected and it should show available networks but if it does not, try.

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. You are asking for equally bad treatment, subtracting a capability if that capability is only useful to a proprietary software developer. Your madwifi will come back to life.

No such device’ for the wireless card. My case is indeed kind of special.

The wireless tools iwconfig, iwpriv et al. Break all the things. Sam started his work out of personal interest, as he wanted to build community mesh wireless networks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Sponsored Link If you have Atheros AR wireless network adapter follow this procedure to make it work in ubuntu 8. This project is no longer active. It’s not like everyone stabs each other, even though kitchen knifes doesn’t have a “no human flesh” regulatory daemon.

This error was noted running a 2.

Configuring your Atheros Wireless Card

To prevent this, the ath5k must be stopped from loading and the computer must be rebooted eww. This situation has changed. This work will soon be published for merging with the upstream kernel. On some distributions the running kernel has another name as the installed kernel source.


Error for wireless request “Set Encode” 8B2A: More developers and competent users are showing up. Mine worked out of the box. Free firmware would be great, but replaceable firmware beats a device that cannot be fixed at all if it has a flaw. I reserve my opinion because we haven’t seen the obstacles a vendor who did choose to do the Right Thing would face. I’ll take at shot at compiling madwifi, so you have an alternate solution to use your wireless until this is sorted out.

No such file or directory compilation terminated.

I have tried these in the past with no luck: The yet informal MadWifi project was born. Currently there is no way to suppress these messages other than patching the kernel, which probably isn’t a good idea.

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