The Catalyst Software Suite Only Adaptive is there. One thing I recommend is going into the video settings and turning down all of the “denoise” and “deblocking” type options down to at least 20 for best video quality. The display resolution switches to x fromx after enabling SLI mode. They should have a catalyst updater tray claylomax said:

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ATi Catalyst 10.9 available for download

Extreme Condition—color corruption appears after launching with the default settings. Several DirectX games e. AMD’s site doesn’t even have these posted yet. Overheated chips, diminished performance, and in some extreme cases, death of the GPU, we think catalst users will be okay. Only Adaptive is there. Predator – Profile update Battlefield: Plus, do these driver make any difference to what you use? They are solid already unlike ati’s According to Nvidia’s own site: Specifically, tweaking software RivaTuner V2.

Download ATI Catalyst (Vista/7 bit). AMD Catalyst

Mine’s bigger than yours. Just started using the Borderlands—while playing the game with ambient occlusion enabled and Dynamic Shadows turned on, shadow corruption occurs when changing the game resolution. Perhaps this release is a bit too early?


The primary Dualview display cannot be switched. Dead Space—the application launches to a black screen. It seems the default settings like to overdo things a bit.

The totality of it is that you should avoid the Flat panel scaling control is unavailable when the display resolution is less than x Others may have workaround solutions.

To the guys thinking nVidia drivers are ‘solid’, read this: You have persuaded me to try these out.

It would seem StarCraft II Beta players were among the first to notice low frame rates while using the latest drivers from NVIDIA, and further digging has uncovered that the automated fan-controlling part of said firmware was failing to act as intended. As far as I’m aware this thread is a discussion about ATI’s current driver release and all comparisions to Nvidias drivers while informative are irrelevent.

This section includes lists of issues that are either not fixed or not implemented in this version.

Yes, AMD should implement something like windows updates, that automatically keeps up with the driver updates. Just don’t make silly statements like that, it causes things to go off topic. Shame that the company hasn’t got any warnings up on its site to tell those who’ve installed the update but haven’t yet nuked their graphics card to roll back their drivers, but that’s what you’ve got us for, right?


The display resolution switches to x fromx after enabling SLI mode. They are solid already unlike ati’s. That’s somewhat of a blanket statement.

So far no difference from Sh1t I havnt even fully tested the BCBC2 is working fine, loads up fast. They are solid already unlike ati’s it doesnt even concern u, do u have ati card?

Supreme Commander 2—blocky corruption appears at the edges of the water at all detail levels. ATI Radeon display driver 8.

The Catalyst Software Suite

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