Fernando, as i have said to Nuhi many times, i have learnt everything from forums and it is nice to put something into the forums any forum when i can. Nevertheless it is not required to install Win7 again thereafter. I figure at that point might as well. I know this from cpu-z-diagnostic-tool. I need Windows XP to be installed on this notebook. Here is my setup and how I think I could do it:

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Which folder are you talking about? Additional advices for the later OS installation Here are some tips: EmmaRoyd Show info Posts:. With the best regards, Rfsapiens.

Posted May 26, edited. Memory at feb4c bit, non-prefetchable Capabilities: I don’t remember it exactly.

Then you must install W7. As for all the numbers and stuff, I don’t really know what all the dev stuff is, as I don’t have much experience with software coding. Mon Aug 21, 6: Posted February 3, So what should I do? The place to find device driver updates.

If they match, you should be good to go. But there is a catch. Propably they need to get modified manually, hence the self-made reg-file.


This seems to work for others, as I red in several forums, e. Depending on the OS you are going to install, you will just need the widnows or 64bit driver version.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. With driver no 2 and 3 catalyst and fernando-mod I got BSODs in textmode-setup when the message “starting windows” appears after driver-copy. Do ams think I should create one?

I don’t know if I tried fernandos drivers for a nLite-install anyway, since they are modified.

Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: With nLite I tried three different drivers. Sorry for double post. You only need the target hdd and optical drive to cbipset from. I just integrated fernandos-driver in nlite: I think that AMD chipsets are a major issue and they need to be discussed as widely as Intel or nVidia ones.

Integration of AMD / ATI SB7XX textmode RAID / AHCI drivers on an XP – Page 9 – nLite – MSFN

I know this from cpu-z-diagnostic-tool. This thread was the closest I could find to what I was trying to do and so I started from there.


Posted February 24, Fernando, as i have said to Nuhi many times, i have learnt everything from forums and it is nice to put something into the forums any forum when i can.

Unfortunately, I’m not a big specialist in this question and I can provide others only with basics of nLite, which everybody here knows. When booting from nlite-cd and watching carefully, they also appear at the bottom-line during driver-copy-process, at the beginning of the setup.

I have started to give some serious thought to upgrading to Windows 7, for me fresh install will be followed by hours of reinstalling my applications. The choice of the correct textmode driver depends mainly on the OS you are going to install, whereas the exact name of the on-board AMD S-ATA Controller is less important for the driver choice.

Do you mean subsystem?

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