Find More Posts by Retro-Nerd. Put the unpacked files onto the floppy and move back to your Amiga. NDOS” disk icon on the workbench.. Btw, the same card works flawlessly on an A with CPU, no corruption or lockups. Also, I found out that newer USB floppy drives do not support the formatting of disks at KB capacity so use a standard, built-in PC floppy drive for this. The time now is Fat32 works perfectly fine on the Amiga.

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You can probably get it to work if you set up your mountlist to use whatever filesystem your partition s use, and set the geometry to match the partition required lowcyl, highcyl, blocksize etc. The time now is Mon Dec 18, 9: If you don’t have CFD v1.

Compact Flash PCMCIA+Software+ CF SanDisk

Don’t know if the size of the partition is ok for the filesystem but detection and operation seems to work perfectly. Hi guys, sorry my n00bish, I cannot make a compact flash adapter work.

He probably doesn’t want to use his second CF card as a “harddrive”, but mainly to exchange data with his PC. Originally Posted by UberFreak.


PCMCIA CF Transfer Kits

cc Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: ADF file to Amiga floppy; Enjoy. The time now is You normally cannot use a CF card that is bigger than 2GB, so the driver may simply reject it because of your volume being 4GB. What’s your aim with the card reader?

PC floppy drives cannot write the. As I intend to do some work read: Might be a buggy driver, but there’s only one that I’m aware of cfd and its not maintained anymore.

Amiga PCMCIA Compact Flash / ATA – English Amiga Board

By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to allow us to use cookies. I’m pretty lost as to what I should try next. All the pins on my port are nice and straight. There is no need to use an Amiga-specific adapter for pcmcja.

Thanks everyone for the responses! Here is another post in my series of post about using the Ultimate II and this time we discuss the wonderful world of disk swapping!! NDOS” disk icon on the workbench.


Then, move over to a PC. You now have to add the. The various limits come from the filesystem used, just like any other type of drive. If it has an RDB installed, that could be causing compatibility issues. As I had only one drive, I first copied the files from the PC0: Some time ago I preordered the new motherboard for the C ADF files onto the Amiga in the first place?

It doesn’t cc up on the WB screen. The cr has to be manually configured for that to work, and then standard removable cards will no longer be recognised.

Insert reader, turn computer on, insert card. Check the compatibility thread in EAB: Also try another card if formatting it either way doesn’t work. But how do we transfer the tool and the.

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