Or if you have seriously messed up your partitions and all other methods do not work for you: Make sure you don’t have an external SD card in your tablet. I have a Batch 1 Crystal that only works on the CM10 1. This process should take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the speed of your PC. Now to my question; this device has neither a power, nor a reset button.

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Also I have rooted the box using king root any help is much appreciated thanks.

When the script has finished running, power down the your tablet. It can’t recover completely the first time, so it needs to be run twice. I realize every time I short pin and power up. Bad bootloader arguments ” null ” Finding update package This is a sticky topic.

AMLogic amlmx TV BOX new PCB “HD18 v” – Page 18

I had nothing else on the sd card only the firmware. Had to recover using my method. However, the only AML flash package that Ainol has released is for the Ainol Fire, so we have to amlotic some tricks to unbrick an Ainol Crystal using this method. Shipping will be expensive. Hi, I tried this but when you un-power the Box zmlogic blue light stays on in S due to the usb connection, no connection made. I just wanted to let people who know what they are doing or have time to write up a guide for others, that you can fix usbb downgrade partition problem from EXT4 back to UBIFS with adb parted.


I retried the process several times with the same results. Here is a closer look at the area to the right of the battery where the Flash Memory chip is located. It should also work on Batch 2 Crystals and Aurora2 tablets.

AMLogic aml8726-mx TV BOX new PCB “HD18 v2.22”

Thank you very very much!!! For these TV boxes, you can usually get to Recovery Mode by holding down the power button for seconds. Firstly and most importantly when I plug my mxq pro box in, every few minutes the screen turns pink.

Just got my mtd: Never disconnect the power to your TV box while upgrading the firmware. There are no drivers specifically needed to connect to the MX2, the USB serial adapter sorts that out amlogci putty is used to display the output.

If you want to know more about the files in these zips, see the second post in my thread here. Speaking as an end-user, this is a great improvement to the process. This can take a long time, be patient. So I aml7826-mx it with ADB and the command prompt. Have you used this tool to update your firmware?


If you’ve already installed the World Cup drivers then the computer should automatically recognize the device and use those drivers and the device will appear in the AML software. Same here, tried a bunch of different img files. PC cannot see deviceā€¦. Hello Tim, I was really excited while going through the steps for option 2.

Took me a while to figure all this out and hope this saves you time! I used my Windows 8. This it is brick long ago and can not find how to make it work. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Try your retailer first. Your tablet is now back to it’s original Factory Settings. Tried going back to stock firmware instead.

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