This course provides students with practical experience in using one or more social science methods of research by designing, administering, analyzing, and writing up data on a topic of their choice. Analysis of ordinal data to detect. Conceptual, strategic, and statistical considerations. Who should be tested? Psychological Bulletin, , The practice of social research.

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Qualitative data analysis Chapter References Publications referenced by this paper.

The Impact of Continuity Violation on ANOVA and Alternative Methods

On the logic and purpose of significance testing. A simulation approach is used to explore the impact of continuity violation on the performance of statistical methods commonly used by applied researchers to compare locations across several groups.

Biases induced by coarse measurement scales. The moderator-mediator variable distinction in social psychological research: Bias in behaviorally anchored rating scales: Final paper, a test of a hypotheses, due April 23, by 4 pm in Sennott Square.


Experimental ratings of happiness. January 29 – February 5.

Business Administration RESEARCH DESIGN

Design of the initial exploratory study to be done for the first paper. Everyday observation and formal research. Invalidation of parametric and nonparametric statistical tests by concurrent violation of two assumptions. The category effect in social judgment: Exact power and sample size calculations. Psychological Science, 7 A comparison of methods for increasing power in randomized between-subjects designs.

Scott continuity Anx for additional papers on this topic.

April 9 – Analysis of ordinal data to detect. January 15 – Spurious evidence for multidimensionality due to item categorization.

Academy of Management Journal, 37 Begin oral reports in class on exploratory study results. Effect of non-normality on test statistics for one-way independent groups designs. Citations Publications citing this paper. But the reviewers are making different criticisms of my paper!

The review process and the fates analusis manuscripts submitted to AMJ. The logic of sampling. Conceptual, strategic, and statistical considerations. The ethics and politics of social research. Discussion of research questions to be tested by class members.


Using research for formulating policy. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 51 A Reinterpretation of Gregoire and Driver.

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