For- tune’s China Gardening. Celtic Literature, Study of. Statistics and Philosophy of Storms. History b – Rome. La Cruz’s Expedition Across the Pampas. English Literature and Lang.

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Aesults of Anti-Slavery Agitation. H istory of America. Probable fall in value of Gold d Chevallier T.

Full text of “Index-catalogue of the Nottingham free library [lending dept. With 1st]-3rd “

By Old Humphrey k Adelaide Lindsay. Cobden, and the Commerce of the I’resent. Schimmelpenninck a Bible Hand-book. Mathematical Instruments c Birbeck M.

Ansel Wl 685R

Commonwealth of England b Black Dwarf. Wescott 39a Counting House. North America, 2 vols.

Works of the Author of Natural – History of Enthusiasm. When a new copy of a book, or set of books, is deposited or paid for for one that has been injuredthe person depositing or paying for the same shall be entitled to the damaged copy.


Arthur b Buffon G. The Nations of India and their Manners. Present State and Conduct of Parties.

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Knight 1m Annals of the Parish. Hubert Ellis e Davenport Dunn. Vaughan a – of Great Cities. British Fishes c Coulter J. Luthardt a – Philosophy of the iBvidencea of. Beaumont and Fletcher, and their Contemporaries. Chamber’s Journal, 2 copies. M’Cullach on Taxation and Funding. Phrenological Journal o Cox Rev. Queen of the Seas. Bulwer’s Rise and Fall of Athens. Recollections of the Oitted. Macquoid e Badham’s Esculent Funguses of England The Fall of the Derby Ministry.

The Coimtess Hahn Hahn’s writing. Germany, from the Congress of Rastadt to the Battle of Jena. TroUope e Brace C.

Parliamentary Privilege of Publications. Dumas e Chevalier M. Jameson’s Legends of the Madonna. Palgrave’s Illus- trations of Scottish History.

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