Before downloading a driver, please make sure you read and understand the accompanying instructions. All the other settings have been dialed in by other software. Im not a computer genius, so not sure if it was that that solved my problem, or the driver actually started working. My Macbook Air now recognizes the AOC monitor, but both the external and my laptop monitors now continuously flash off and on. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. Smearing, tearing inverse colors. Of course I have restarted the computer a couple of times in the interim.

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The aoc website shows that they have a beta driver for Apple purists will note that the monitor isn’t up to “Apple standards.

Feb 9, It even has a high-power port for charging devices like smartphones and tablets. Sat Jul 01, Its ultra lightweight for greater portability, making it perfect for business presentations, the frequent traveler, photo frame applications, and dual monitor setups onthego. Even with reduce transparency on Hi coderdave, I installed version 2. X-RHEA did that purchase solve your issue.

The big issue for most people is that color calibration isn’t supported with DisplayLink docks at least – don’t know about this monitor in Mac OS.

USB Monitor Display Link and Mac OS X – Ars Technica OpenForum

Although I was unable to test the capability with a Mac, AOC says that multiple monitors can be attached to a single computer through multiple USB ports. May 10, 2: When I plug in the monitor with one of the usb ports the AOC logo flashes once and then turns off.


My Macbook Air now recognizes the AOC monitor, but both the external and my laptop monitors now continuously flash off and on. If you can elaborate more on the quirks it would be helpful. Aug 4, 8: Oct 25, 1: Your monitor is plug and play with the mac os operating system. I plugged in the Monitor to the USB hub with the external power disconnected. Will I need some kind of USB 2 – 3 adapter or that’s not an issue? S72 In response to Oli.

Click on the start button and then click on control panel.

brightness/contrast adjust AOC eFwu at Yosemite – DisplayLink Forum

Can you advise supply a link or model number of the new version improved, more sturdy connector? It’s perfect for giving presentations to a small group seated at a conference table, and it’s a great e1694fwu to get additional screen real estate with any Mac.

What would you use a portable monitor for? Download aoc efwu drivers for different os windows versions 32 and 64 bit. You can get something in between but is is very awkward.


The retina and Air’s non retina screens do not match up resolutions well, with out some compromises. Jun 25, This page contains information about installing the latest aoc 16 efwu driver downloads using the aoc driver update tool. The new external monitor has a 3.

DisplayLink macOS Software

I decided to try the efwu drivers only to realize their mac drivers were hosted directly by displaylink, which means the drivers are not specific to device itself, which is good news for mac users.

I am running mountain lion and have not pulled the plug to update to yosemite, yet. To get the efwu to work in portrait mode on a mac running lion you need an updated driver one thing to remember. Next, the Mac OS Sierra DisplayLink drivers aren’t great – DisplayLink tends to blame the issues on bugs in Mac OS, but regardless there are issues with window corruption and tearing, among other things.

So i ordered the new version improved, more sturdy connector but it will not work with my macbook pro running os x

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