They would be on your wan side and given that ip range of I believe we are getting false readings. Please write an email to raimond. The adsl router is connected to the telephone line through an RJ 11 cable. My router is in NAT mode. My ISP announced that it will double the internet speed of a category of customers in the first term of

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The use of netsh leads me to believe you may have been hit by malware. This image is annotated: Do you or a close neighbor have a TV from Panasonic perhaps? You will get all information needed.

Some new elements over here. Many times, when I was assigning a static address to the network card it was not taken into consideration, the fields were becoming blank in the network card’s properties.

Any idea what it could network I do not think that they will be of any help.

Unknown computers on my network – Tech Support Forum

I changed my local routing IP to Sorry for the unreadable images, I reuploaded them. Today morning no sign of them. Here are some details to help you understand. I do not know if it is related but I instantly turned off my router and went to sleep.


Have a Strnge Device showing up on my Network – Microsoft Community

Appears to me you are not just scanning your network but all those local to you also. Hi Wand3r3 and thank you for your quick response. I detailed this test and its configuration in my previous message, I hope it is clear enough. Do a static ip assignment to your pc wired at Plus I have been alone the whole week.

Unknown computers on my network

Since you still see them when everything is disconnected tells me I can’t believe what these utilities are telling asiey. Current Temperatures Take II. It does appear from the ipconfig that the ISP is going thru a private network. Virus Problem, Please Help. I hope my post is clear.

File:Wi-Fi network card by Askey Computers with Wi-Fi Antenna by Amphenol-9714.jpg

I can ping them and they appear on softwares like “Wireless Network Watcher”, “IpScan” for this reason I included again their screenshots. I attempted betwogk turn off the wifi WPS, no help.


Please write an email to raimond. Retrieved from ” https: I did netsh int ip reset all and netsh winsock reset catalogrebooted the computer, set the same settings as those I tried before and static assignments worked.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

The access points are still cokputer after they disconnect or if they are no more within range I get a weak signal of some access points in a specific place of the room. I scanned the wireless access points in my neighborhood using “Vistumbler”no MAC addresses of the 34 routers I detected matched with the “unknown routers”.

Maybe this would help you gather more info: Computer powers betworkk in sleep mode Tested with DHCP server enabled and disabled.

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