Haven’t tested modem, IRDA. Volume control buttons fully functionable in Breezy. CPU frequency scaling works. Drivers Asus A a6va. What I’ve tested works like charm. Asus a drivers download xp.

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Here’s what I’ve done to fix, or it would be better to say, to workaround the issue.

Gnome-power-manager even recognizes that i have two batteries and will monitor each one separately. Asus MN Nearly everything worked out of the box. IRDA and modem not tested.

Spare parts for A6VC

Some of the special keys dont work: Computer doesn’t power off automatically when shut down, except Breezy. Battery time is between 3h15 and 4h30, depending on the set 6avc brigthness.

Note that it might be not an issue anymore with a more recent kernel. Apply to Windows 10, 8, 8. IrDA, modem have not been tested yet. Don’t use frame buffer – otherwise you won’t able to use the display at the optimal x A driver is being developped for the bison cam: Click here if you wish to know where to look for the model.


Wifi is working w6vc a charm. No 3D video acceleration. The system asu normally and with sound working except when using headphones or externalas well as wireless I also had to build ipw wireless kernel module, which was not in Ubuntu repositories, and use ipw firmware from ipw To uninstall a program from Windows XP: Also the WLAN module centrino is installed it doesn’t work. Sound card works out of box video works out of box x screen was set to x out of the box, but after installing and configuring “resolution” the proper resolution is set you may need to run “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” the howto is on this forum Hibernate works out of the box Suspend to ram works after installing “gnome-power-manager” The keyboard is totally recognized.

Sur le site d’asus ils ne sont pas disponible. To get this ass, you’ll need the latest resolution from the webpage aboveas well as X from breezy.


Type “sudo modprobe processor” No problems but??? WiFi was recognoized and setup during the installation, but I haven’t tesetd it. At the time of writing this Asus W5A This laptop has a x screen. Type “sudo modprobe thermal” No problems but???


Computer powers off automatically when shut down. A asus audio 7 windows driver download. Hopefully your panel will now run in it’s native resolution! IrDA could work better, see Bug Everything works, though not all out of the box see details. Type “sudo modprobe button” No problems but??? If you want to update ASUS Realtek audio drivers, choose an easier way here to download the latest drivers.

Instructions for use are in the Readme.

Sound worked out of the box. Details for getting x panels up and running is listed below.

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