This Notebook PC has a single built-in memory card reader that can use many flash memory cards as shown in the example below. Press [F10] to save the configuration and exit. If your Notebook PC does not have its battery pack installed, use the following procedures to install the battery pack. The use of a shielded-type power cord is required in order to meet FCC emission limits and to prevent interference to the nearby radio and television reception. The secondary hard disk drive bay may be empty 62 Notebook PC User Manual Removing the primary hard disk drive 1 2 Notebook PC User Manual 63 Installing the primary hard disk drive 2 1 64 Notebook PC User Manual Installing the secondary hard disk drive 1 2 2 1 Notebook PC User Manual 65 3 2 1 Find and connect the hard disk drive cable for the secondary hard disk drive in the package before installing the secondary hard disk. Please check with ART for the latest information www.

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ACPI power management settings are made through assus operating system. Unstable power supply may cause recovery failure. Current hard drives support S. Non-Voice Equipment Answering machines and loud-speaking telephones can be eligible as well as modems, fax machines, auto-dialers and alarm systems. A-2 Operating System and Software Select OK to confirm the system recovery. This prevents h74sx battery from charging frequently.


Feb 23 New Platform Platform: If the CD disc is not properly locked ashs the center hub, the CD can be damaged when the tray is closed. Please check with ART for the latest information www. The touchpad responds best to light pressure. This function is only available when playing a 3D video game or watching a 3D movie. Recover by pressing the power button.

A Macrovision Corporation Product Notice The world of portable gaming has a new reigning king. ASUS will only be responsible for or indemnify you for loss, damages or claims based in contract, tort or infringement under this Warranty Statement. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.

The following temperatures represent the chassis temperature not CPU. A TV Tuner Notices Additional battery packs are optional and can be purchased 2separately through a Notebook PC retailer. Important information that must be followed for safe operation.

Notebook PC User Manual 4 Optical Drive Activity Indicator location varies by model The optical drive activity indicator shows when data is being transferred by the optical disk drive. Unplug the power adapter or switch off the AC outlet to minimize the power consumption when the Notebook PC is not in use.

It is official driver from Nvidia, it will update automatically to the newest version after connecting to the internet.

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Some control key functions may defer depending on Notebook PC model. It is always best to ask an experienced traveler about AC outlet t74sx when bringing power adapters to another country.


The touchpad responds to movement asuss to force. When inserting a CD, it is important that the CD be pressed onto the center hub or else the optical drive tray will scratch the CD. A Internal Modem Compliancy Problem caused y74sx the operating system, try restoring your system using the recovery partition or disc.

Refer to the rating label on the bottom of the Notebook PC and be sure that your power adapter complies with the rating.

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A Limitation of Liability Power supplied through this jack supplies power to the Notebook PC and charges the internal battery pack. Appendix Introduces you to optional accessories and gives additional information. Select OK to start to restore the image. The power management features are designed to save as much electricity as possible by putting components into a low power consumption mode as often as possible but also allow full operation on demand.

Recover by pressing any keyboard key except [Fn].

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