Due to hardware typical for netbooks , i. While the screen of the H is rather bright Even if this seems to be handy, the performance of the SD card reader is far below the one of the built-in SSD. So, adapting the opening angle will be frequently required especially in mobile operation. Although the system fan runs all the time, the system noise stays always hardly audible.

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Only newer SSD models, e. The Asus Eee PC S comes with a completely new case and focuses thereby im on the optical charm. However, you can enjoy clear and fully sounding music via the 3. Also the viewing angle stability does not belong to the advantages of this screen.


By the way the maximum opening angle is about degreeswhich should usually be sufficient, even for mobile operation. Considering key size and layout the Eee S apparently uses the same keyboard unit than the Eee PC Hbut with an essential difference. It especially focuses on those aaus consider design important. The surface temperatures, which hardly exceed 30 degrees Celsius, always stay in the green too. The built-in SD card reader inclusive a 16 GB card ex factory is used to enhance the available mass storage capacity.


Asus-jm S41 Ssd Driver – torrent-internet

The clearly slimmer base unit probably is the most important change of the design compared to the Eee PC H. Otherwise, even some megabyte can tax your patience.

S14 of a very low total weight of slightly above one kilogram the Eee S convinces by a runtime of hoursthanks to being equipped with a lithium-polymer battery. Alike for the SD-card reader again a word of warning: We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. While the screen of the H is rather asu Similar netbooks are already available at a clearly lower price.

Despite being probably a rare special case, this could nevertheless be interesting for users who also work late in the evenings and in a very mobile way with the Eee.

So, this notebook is ready for mobile use, also on the lap. In general this location seems to be perfrectly alright. Although many other manufacturers also broke into the netbook market in the meanwhile, the Asus Eee PC can still be considered dominating the branch of mini notebooks.

Under load in the BatteryEater Classic test profile top performance, max. If you register, you can extend the usage period by further 6 months.

ASUS-JM S41 SSD ATA Device Drivers

However, this is hardly audible in idle mode recorded noise level: The xsd polymer battery with a capacity of In this regards we have to mention that the integrated graphics chip is the primary limiting factor and rules current 3D games virtually out. The Eee PC S especially addresses netbook users who appreciate a good design.


We were also rather satisfied with the runtime during browsing the Internet max. Often the question arises, whether netbooks are completely unable to run games or whether games are probably still possible. The intrasystem mass storage device is a 16 GB solid state drive.

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The keyboard is the same also used in the Eee H, but with a different look. Don’t expect too much performance. With the current design Asus is right on the target. The other interfaces, e. It was very decently integrated into the base unit and given a comfortably rough surface. Please share our article, every link counts!

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