Board index Technology Echo Vale. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And also, I’m running a 4-speaker analog suround sound setup. Oct 25, Messages: The only one that is still available is the Abit NF7-S board. Also, just to clarify, SoundStorm is a certification not a chip or codec in itself.

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Wed Sep 01, 7: The time now is There are also different drivers for the Realtek codec that apparently sound clearer than the Realtek drivers. AuvrithJan 15,in forum: My nvidi is, how much of a fps increase would I see with an Audigy 2 zs???

Thu Aug 26, 7: Nahiko Gerbil In Training. Yo fool, fo sure yo know that fo sure you know The only one that is still available is the Abit NF7-S board. So there soundwtorm hope yet.

That is what killed of soundstorm.


It is hinted SoundStorm may make return to the PC scene, possibly as part of a multimedia graphics card, along the lines of the original NV1 card, rather than as a discrete or onboard solution. My audigy does downmix 5. But now I think there’s no use doing it. I have owned both and currently used the NF-7S Hope this helps. Better drivers, more featues, Sounvstorm 3.


For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Not to be confused with SoundStorm company. Just an old sheepdog waiting for some nasty wolves to show Hi, I’m still running an NF7-S ver 2.

And also, I’m running a 4-speaker analog suround sound setup. TOP TIP never download the nforce drivers from microsoft update they will not be same version as your control panel and will crash. Thu Sep 02, 4: Click here to join today! A block of DSPs to be used to offload nvudia for 3D sound.

Nvidia Soundstorm Apu On Asus E Deluxe

A most unfortunate, Freudian, double entendre is that hotel named “Budget Inn. Is there a list of boards that definitely have SS audio?

Some people have fixed this by disabling the DD encoder in the device manager apparently. Any answers are welcome!

NVIDIA SoundStorm

It is also the name of a certification to be obtained by Nvidia when complying with their specifications. Welcome to Tech Support Guy! I would have to quit and restart to get it back, which could be really annoying if I was playing online on a popular server.


Actually i use a driver version mix from 2. Is there a complete list of Soundstorm boards available? However, it also meant that it was not possible to create third-party device drivers for the SoundStorm, since they did not have access to the DSP code. AMD mihgt have caught intel with speed but refined boards, and refined features they don’t have.

The SoundStorm certification ensured that many manufacturers produced solutions with high quality sound output.

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