Software Asus motherboards typically come with an abundance of software that the user can install to make the most of their purchase, and their laptops are no exception. Digital output will only work for digital audio sources like movie and audio DVDs, and formats like MP3s, regular music CDs, and other sources will not be heard on your receiver. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. The Asus W5F has a few security features that give you a peace of mind. The touchpad has the function of horizontal and vertical scroll and I have become addicted to this feature, it works perfectly and is a very natural way to scroll. All white test, brightness is evenly distributed all around view large image.

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Asus W5F Review (pics, specs)

The resolution is x We are hearing more and more stories of users having their computers ripped off, even while sitting down at a local coffee shop! Asus W5F out of the box view large image. Trusted Platform Module enhances security but may create a false sense of security.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

Drivers for Asus W5F notebooks sound cards

The extra functionality to flip it so it can capture other people or things around you is very useful in capturing a boardroom whiteboard, or friends sitting in the same room. Advanced, Security, Power, and Boot. My desktop machine dual core AMD Opteron 2.


Latest News Latest Videos. Security An unfortunate fact of life about owning a laptop is that you become a favourite target of theives.

no sound on my asus w5f pc laptop!

This security feature will introduce a whole host of new issues once it’s used, so best to understand what it can and can’t do. The W5F features a Seeing how we live in an unforgiving world, laptop designers are integrating more anti-theft features into their products.

Front view of Asus W5F view large image. In the BIOS you can protect your laptop from unauthorized usage by enabling the following features: There are eight CDs in total: Home Reviews News Forums.

Episode III on this laptop and it is awesome.

It’s a useful system health monitoring tool you will find on the driver CD and I’m not sure why it is asuus from the default installation. Audio and the Camera Audio Unfortunately most laptop speakers are a bit underpowered soind create exceptional sound – laptops are just too small to be able to create any good low-frequency sound. For bloggers and geeks, this could be just the thing to spice up your otherwise dreary homepage.

Overall battery performance is very good. Size comparison of Asus W5F to a toy poodle — and you decide which is cuter view large image Size comparison to 8. My W5F was purchased configured as follows: No WAN adapters here.

Asus W5F Specs – CNET

Since the camera acts like a USB webcam, you can use it with your favourite video conferencing application or use the camera’s software called Asus Lifeframe to record videos or capture still images. This meant that a There are four basic menus to choose from: I use 1 GHz per core at 1V.


The Asus W5F has a few security features that give you a peace of mind. Considering the size and given this is an ultraportable the speakers are okay. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony.

It goes without saying that the built-in web camera is fairly useful for business and leisure purposes. You can specify detection sensitivity, whether the software should email you during an alert, and you can even have Video Security run a webserver which updates every interval you specify.

Some laptops have biometrics or special hardware keys to activate — the Asus W5F does not have these features. However it’s important to say right off the bat that not all of it is factory installed, so you don’t have to worry about your drive being bloated from the get go. Hard Disk security – lock your hard disk with a password.

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