I have a Monster Sound MX sound card. What approach did you use for the KX project? A3D was at least available in the card’s demo, but still not in B I’m really curious as to how you knew what to change to make it work with Vista and now Windows 7 It’s totally great, whether I have Equalizer control or not. Do you guys think that the will work in with no issues?

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Don’t try it with DOS, you will be disappointed. The midi wavetable I installed on the card could be heard, but not very good zu8830 problem.

I had the Mx back in the day. Feb 7, Zu8830 There must be lots of geometrical and reflectional data als well as PCM data transferred to the soundcard It doesn’t work in Vista, but my onboard audio does, so I’m fine with that.

Feb 5, Posts: Since you can control the transfers i. Best regards from Hungary!

Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 (AU8830) Driver

Here are what I found. They were used by several soundcard manufacturers like Diamond or Terratec.

Aureal released some Versions of a beta reference driver for Windows Don’t get me wrong I liked their technology, but business wise they didn’t stand a chance. You now have basic sound support in bit Vista.


Wed Feb 07, 8: It’s hard to compare today’s games against games you played 10 years ago, but from what I remember HL on A3D, in addition to having the sound coming from all around you, had all these very noticeable variations on how sounds sounded.

Aureal was crushed by Creative before Windows was even released, so there’s no hope of any WinXP native drivers My understanding is that after Aureal were crushed, Microsoft were extremely unhappy about the state of the Win2K drivers. The silos map you could hear someone on the gantry above you, or the splashing in teh water, you could hear ricochets. I loved that card, it sounded way better than the SB.

You could tell where someone was by sound alone, to the point I could put a grenade where they were going to be just by sound. Fri Feb 23, 1: Wed Feb 07, 4: The 2shared link has somehow turned into virus clickbait, and I’ve gotten many, many requests over the past few months to repost.

Writing an alternative Win XP/ Win 7 driver for Aureal Vortex 2 /AU | Hardware Heaven Forums

Mar 26, Posts: Wing Commander 2 speech – SoundBlaster: I did this back in the Win2k days After a while, sound cut out and video playback would halt every few au883. Vortex 2 in Windows I don’t remember I have ever seen a hardware-related signal-processing-unit registers map at least AU88x0 documentation, but also I can’t say I remember I haven’t seen any for all those years. Which drivers should be used to get a maximum of the original vortex2 features and compability?


So I’ve move the link over to Dropbox instead. I looked everywhere for drivers and they were all for win2k or Windows 98 wow.

VOGONS • View topic – Vortex 2 in Windows

What au883 bites is that there’s no support for Aureal chipsets in Vista. Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories.

I don’t have the source code for the drivers, and it would take months to reverse engineer. I ua8830 have an Aureal Vortex 1 AU Thanks again for doing this.

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