Actual workflow and overall performance improvements, rather than flashy interface effects and solid OS underpinnings are driving the decision to stay put. You must be logged in as a registered member to use this feature! Apple’s tasty iApps, which are only being actively developed for Mac OS X, may be part of that strategy:. Computers A Switch campaign of a different kind: The most significant bane of Mac OS X’s acceptance has no doubt been the publishing industry. Logic Pro Updates Delayed. Many users simply resent what they see as Apple forceful prodding into a new environment.

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Audiowerk drivers

Logic Pro Updates Delayed. The arguably broader customization options in Mac OS X, combined with a likewise audipwerk greater lack of understanding by the user base, have been root causes.

That said, there is a tendency to exaggerate Mac OS X pitfalls based purely on a lack of familiarity. Emagic announces version 6 of Logic Audio and Gold. Some readers point out that while Wintel hardware has a shorter life-span than Mac hardware on many fronts, Microsoft still actively supports and develops for a number of operating systems simultaneously: True, this probably has nothing to do with Mac OS X, but do I really want to upgrade just so I can suffer with a slow, buggy app?

Mac OS X is apparently still waiting for its “killer app” that will make OS 9 fence sitters upgrade in droves.


Fixes, Improved Panther Compatibility Nov 4, 6. They don’t want to have their daily routine disrupted by what they see as a non-essential hassle. And the sizeable cost of some Mac OS X application flavors? Many users simply resent what they see as Apple forceful prodding into a new environment. Logic 6 is coming.

Killer apps aside, many readers complain that some applications are actually getting worse in their Mac OS X revisions, thanks to quick and dirty development cycles, combined with a lack of true expertise with Cocoa and Carbon at some software companies.

Audiowerk drivers available for Mac OS X Computers A Switch campaign of a different kind: Upgrading even a few applications on such a large scale in my specific area would be costly. Tales of the “grey screen of death,” starting from scratch with a fresh installations, and losing entire volumes inexplicably have audiowerkk a lot of users into steering clear of Mac Adiowerk X, but issues this severe have equally devastating counterparts in Mac OS 9.

Mac OS X is too Windows-like for my taste in this regard. Troubleshooting Many users feel more comfortable troubleshooting a Mac OS 9 system, and who can argue? Emagic posts Logic Audio and Gold 6.

You must be logged in as a registered member to use this feature! Thoughtful readers are evaluating the upgrade to determine whether it adds necessary functionality.

Emagic Audiowerk Driver X free download for Mac | MacUpdate

We could continue to run the old version of Quark in Classic but there’s some redraw issues and there’s a few customizable Quark XTensions to consider. The interface performance of Mac OS X’s Finder, improving by leaps and bounds in Panther, still cannot match auriowerk lightning-quick reflexes of a well-kept Mac OS 9 installation running on the latest compatible hardware.


The following is an assessment based on hundreds of reader submissions of why millions of users are sticking with Mac OS 9, and what Apple needs to do to make Mac Audiowedk X a “must-have” platform. Resource requirements can also be significantly lower with a standard Mac OS X installation, a definite consideration for those looking for a full system that can audiwoerk stored on smaller removable media.

Panther, at least, answers many prayers for interface niceties.

CNET’s best of I have yet to hear or read anything complimentary about Illustrator under OSX. Oct 20, Logic 6. Become a member now! We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. My Mac OS X Users can do what they need to do just fine in OS 9 – as they see it – and hence have no compelling urge to upgrade. Space Designer by Emagic. Things like using the cloning tool, brushes etc. Audoowerk Switch campaign of a different kind:

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