Bonus Recording of November Tuesday, June 16, Now we can buy, store, and play back music at quad-sample rates [ The playback side requires a filter per the Scarlet Book specs , but compared to the brick-wall filters used in typical PCM products, this is a much, much gentler affair. Another switch lets you turn off the front panel’s display. The Ayre also conveys a very rich and natural sense of tone colors.

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The QB-9 DSD is an immensely transparent and relaxed converter jsb it while it makes it obvious that a general purpose laptop is not the be all and end all it also rewards upgrades at the beginning of the chain with significant improvements in sound quality. I bought a QB-9 and never looked back.

The interplay between Krauss and Plant evoked a newfound electricity, and the bass clearly emanated from particular instruments rather than an unidentifiable bass machine. Music Albums of the Year. This doesn’t just allow for improved transient response, but actually perfect transient response.

Ayre QB-9 DSD

This becomes especially annoying as music-file libraries grow more varied with the ever-expanding availability of hi-rez content. Bonus Recording of December Kingko Audio and Omega. A Billy Bags Ayrr audio center housed the lot.

The Ayre is unusually relaxed and effortless, its character is so minimal that it could be too restrained for some tastes. Quietly inventing elegant solutions to problems inherent in high-performance sound reproduction, Ayre unhurriedly releases one or two new products a year to appreciative connoisseurs around the world. The Crimson was also less sensitive to ayree in USB cables. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2.


Jitter Measurements Submitted by mav52 on November wyre, – 6: Timing is not in quite that league but that again I suspect is a source issue, at the price the Ayre is a revelation.

Fortunately, I am not a traditional digital audio engineer! Air for Ayre When the Ayre arrived chez Kennedy I used it with a Macbook Air laptop running Audirvana Plus sofware, and this produced a pretty decent result albeit one that limited ultimate performance. Bass performance was rock-solid, yet again very well-articulated and detailed. This spectacular recording embodies a refreshingly usv variety of classical orchestral music.

Isn’t that the story here [ footnote 1 ]? We couldn’t figure out how the system usbb, let alone why it sounded good. Boulder, CO Phone: By contrast, almost all USB DACs operate in what’s called adaptive USB mode, which means having to use a variable-frequency clock rather than a fixed-frequency master clock. I listened to an old standby: The piece always sounds powerful but now it did this while offering up the multiplicity of different instruments and all their subtle timbres.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Ayre Acoustics QB-9DSD Digital-to-Analog Converter

While I found the CD edition enjoyable, I began to understand what all the fuss was about only when I heard the hi-rez version. One algorithm produces greater accuracy in the time domain and is labeled ‘Listen’. It has a minimum-phase digital filter, single-pass 16x oversampling, zero feedback, and fully balanced discrete circuitry.


Ayre’s marketing ayrre, Steve Silberman, was adamant: Design Philosophy Via e-mail, I asked Ayre’s founder and designer, Charlie Hansenwhy a manufacturer exclusively known for its domestic high-end audio products had ventured into a field dominated by pro-audio companies.

Watershed moment My time with the Ayre QB-9 amplified my certainty that computer-based audio is not only the future, it is the here and now. I suspect that with the right source you could get a pacey, taught sound out of this DAC but that would be a waste of its transparency, what it deserves is a source with minimal character as well, that way it will be able to tell you the most about the original sound.

My soul has been psychedelicized Setting up the QB-9 in my main system wasn’t as plug’n’play as I’d envisioned.

Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on February 27, – 3: Rather than bore you with those details, let’s get down to what you really want to know: Bonus Recording of December It makes instruments and voices sound more real than other very good converters and has as natural a sound as the best turntables.

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