Jonny Wand September 18, at 4: Using this attack mode the premise must be connected to the router through the certification of a legitimate client. Also try use the older version 1. Adam Akmal April 16, at 1: If there is no associated target AP will ignore all packets sent from your network card, the IVS data will not produce. I face some problem 1-Wifi network adapter?

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Fixed – Beini DishingTech ISO & ALFA AWUSNH | Xiaopan Forums

This mode is mainly used to study learning without the client, -1 and to establish a false client connections and direct contracting attack. Reconnect the packet, resulting in an effective ARP Request.

Then i don’t understand what data i must fill in on that page of yours? I’m not a wardriver or like other people do, just wanna see it for now and then i’m satisfied. Jonny Wand September 18, at 4: If a legitimate client that generally need to wait a few minutes, so that the communication between the legitimate client and AP, a small amount of data can produce an effective ARP Request only heini-1.2.1 mode into success. I now, but overhere it’s there telephone number.


Wireless Hack tool updated working now!!! Someone already combine Weaver into Beini, or search in my Blog the tutorial to combine. Is that the same as the name you have to put in when you wanna connect to a wireless point that is protected with a password.

I’m using aspire G Your email address will not be published. Wan Haziq January 13, at Thanks a lot for sharing a working. Really appreciatable work you have done. Are you using the tp-link tl-wnn? When i beini1.2.1 a Hey key, what does that mean? They are not telephone numbers.

The adapter simply needs to be plugged in. Here is more information for doing that. Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs… cell phone detection.

Alvo Excellenxia February 15, at 4: Awusnha is the most used for kali pen. I cant help unless you use driver that supported.


Alfa 2000 mW AWUSO36NH 802.11N USB Adapter Wireless N 2 W HIGH POWER wi-fi

I have made a tutorials for them who want to make their wifi protected. I had recently purchased a TL-WN77N adapter work fine on kali Linux, can I upgrade to high gain antenna for better wide range coverage signals.

Romantic Lena April 1, at 1: Saufi Yatim January 9, at 5: I want to hack wifi password of Dasan Router. Discussion in ‘ Xiaopan Support ‘ started by bert5531 Jul Put your libraries to USB, and mount it from Beini might work. AP to receive packets, you must make your own card and AP association. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Google it if any problem. Any of the above wireless N dongles will work with Kali.

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