In the end, it is hard to figure out the quality of a specific model of golf club without using it for a significant amount of time on the course after buying it. A MPH swing speed might hit it on a level hole with no wind, you’re dreaming. For the beginner or high HC golfer, I highly recommend a good set of clones. Personally I would love to see a test of these irons matched up against the real McCoy. Check out Diamond Tour Golf http: These costs generally include very expensive TV advertising, very expensive print media campaigns with the major golf publications, high cost advertising agencies, big time trade shows, large dollar contracts to PGA Tour Players and smaller contracts to numerous other tour players, large marketing staffs, etc.

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But with TaylorMade prices so high, I’m gearing toward these clones as my first real set of clubs. Light and low torque. While clonw the subject of quality, a hugely important factor in the quality of a golf club is the shaft.

I would like to purchase clone component heads from China but I am skeptical because I have no bsst of which companies to trust.

Dec 18, 40 Comments. Who is going to take those remarks seriously? How is the overall health of golf these days? Today is the ultimate test: Most people would be shocked at how inexpensive the components clubheads, shafts, and grips actually are. However, really the Bottom Line is it is the consumer who is benefiting, because it gives youas the consumer, taylirmade option to be able to buy quality golf equipment at big savings.


Personally, I think his sentence would be more accurate. Looked at the Hireko acer xds iron heads and they looked pleasing to eye, decent finish, the right off set. These companies and others Alpha, GeekGolf, KZG, etc have very high quality, custom designed components that are just as good and in many cases better than the name brand manufactures.

Take it for what it is worth. I certainly believe there is little difference in shot results from an overall performance.

Further, if the same tip diameter shaft likely. L Mayhew 7 years ago.

MyGolfSpy Labs! – Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand

And that isnt the half of some of the older but still much better then the clones your looking at golf clubs. Obviously, many big brand clubs are really good and almost always lead the trends in golf technology maybe not originally came up with all of the ideas.

Have cosmetic resemblance to true Manufacturer Clubs, but internally they are not the same. The Extreme X-4 has perimeter weighting just like the Callaway version, which lowers the sweet spot and helps golfers launch the ball higher and farther with more consistency.

Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand Golf Clubs – (ULTIMATE REVIEW!)

I now play Nike taulormade irons and Cleveland scoring clubs and love them! Thanks for the help. I have a gigagolf driver and a hireko driver and a Powerbilt airforce one driver.


Even the raw materials received were sometimes out of tolerance. Heater B 2 Hybrid Compare to: Heater F 3, 5, 7 Compare to: But the truth is, because clone golf companies do not have large ad campaigns, high-cost sponsorships, and excessive marketing budgets, clone companies do not need to inflate club prices to cover those expenditures.

I mostly buy OEM equipment, but I have bought components. They look, feel and play much like the real thing-so why do they cost so much less? Had to get a hybrid custom built cos the Affinity hybrids swing weight was indifferent to the irons.

I agree that most component companies copy other designs.

The Best Clone Golf Irons

According to the Titleist Performance Institute, the best clone iron golf clubs might not be very good at all. Unless its Oscar Peterson. If a component seller such as Diamond Tour wants to cpone fully legitimate, they need to invest fully in true component companies such as SMT, and abandon the practice of selling Clone clubs.

Brad Jefferys 6 tayoormade ago. Essentially, you were saying that all clone companies operate in the same way.

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