This is NOT abusive. I had a old palm treo that blows this phone out of the water! When I first got it, I was thinking in returning it and go back to my Palm phone. I messed around with this phone for about an hour in the Verizon store. Uranus was slammed by an object twice the size of Earth By Mike Wehner 5 days ago. The Vodafone units that were shipped to retail are running 4. I unlocked the phone it is in GSM now but cannot access my browser neither can i activate a blackberry plan.

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The key pad is slow, inaccurate, i dont even like to text anymore. This answer closely relates to:.

If anything in here is incorrect, blame it on the fact that we got a crappy beta OS version on our review units. How to put wifi on blackberry storm ? How to put wifi on my blackberry storm ? We would have loved a straight capacitive screen here. There were no catastrophic problems in our daily usage of either device anyone remember the iPhone 2.


This is NOT abusive. Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Your Blackberry storm does not have a WIFI option and there is no way any one can connect to internet through wifi with this phone. Can you blackkberry us by answering one of these related questions?

Verizon BlackBerry Storm review – BGR

The following questions have been merged into this one. Internet browser is so bad, i dont even use it. It does not contain enough information. How in the hell are you supposed to scroll through an insanely long webpage? Your typing speed is hardware-limited. It was hard for me to hit the right buttons, key in text, etc. The kicker is that while it shows a list of applications to install, and show you when upgrades are available, you jodem have to go in the browser to download them!

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Does the blackberry storm have wifi? They have software version. Quickly I realized backberry you had to physically push down on the screen, and all was well from there. Plz can u help me out? Problems loading large pages, death by JavaScript, and so on. I hate it for its poor audio quality, and difficulty in texting.


Add Your Answer How to connect wifi in blackberry storm 3g cdma?

Can you get wifi for blackberry storm ? RF is what they do!

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I had two storms, this was blackberryy worst phone I have ever used, it stalled, and texting was a nightmare, the Curve is better and I love my Iphone. Feel This is a little tricky… BlackBerrys have always been so comfortable to hold and use.

I love my Storm. Save for the adhesive that holds the bottom and top front panels on, this thing is iron-tight.

Do yourself a favor. Typing is mediocre at best, and to tell you the truth, it really does get tiring at times. This storm is a POS fuckin sucks.

You simply have to set the phone to co Honestly guys, why are you so biased?

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