Without this software, the Boltek StormTracker would be practically useless. While a thunderstorm is being tracked it is also being continuously analyzed. The card is not produced any longer. Please login or register. Only loading drivers that have been signed by Microsoft seems to be the result of this.

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JupiterJoe Senior Member Posts: So I just run lightning srorm the old computer while the new one runs all the other weather stuff. Their other two options are so expensive. Truly unique to Nexstorm, this allows website visitors the ability to view our lightning data in real time. The software determines stroke type at the software level.

For each electro-magnetic pulse that occurs i. OK, seems that I must forget about this unit, since I do not know if the problem is the antenna New: What I would like to know, is how to test the antenna? Apart from this, the detector will only record a signal when it detects an abrupt change in the electric field.

In this location, it can sense storms up to miles away. This however is not very reliable because the signal strength of various strokes occuring at the same exact distance will vary a lot depending on released energy.

Trackrr has greatly improved precision compared to single sensor systems and its accuracy is comparable to that of the major commercial lightning detection networks for locating areas of thunderstorm activity. Because StrikeStar uses a network of detectors, strokes which appear on CarterLake. To install less-than-official drivers, old unsigned drivers etc, I had to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows This goes into Boltek’s special PCI card where the signals are digitized for processing by software.


The card is not produced any longer. Our StormTracker is mounted indoors, approximately 13 feet off the ground. Accuracy The accuracy of a Boltek detector is determined by many factors – placement of the detector, electromagnetic interference, distance from strokes, storm intensity, etc.

To determine the type cloud to ground or cloud to cloudthe software looks at total waveform length, rise times to peak, peak to zero crossing times, etc.

Boltek StormTracker PCI – How it works

If the antenna is mounted correctly, this will only occur for lightning strokes. May 28, Direction is determined by looking at the magnetic field ratios for each stroke and using basic trigonometry, i. If I do get a LD, ill need to invest in a crap card to get another serial port since it seems almost all of these “modern” expansion cards for legacy or not commonly used interfaces are made as cheap and unreliably as possible.

Initial distance is determined by looking at the signal strength. TRAC will periodically generate a report based on current activity.

Ιδιωτικός Μετεωρολογικός Σταθμός Καβάλας – Περιοχή Δεξαμενής – Kavala’s Online Weather Station

Below is a storm from April 1,where we took the radar and superimposed it over the lightning data. Therefore, in single antenna lightning detection systems, Nexstorm averages each stroke against a cluster of other strokes that are located towards the same direction, and from that derive a tradker to the entire storm cell.


This is due in part because we have no stations to our West and because most strokes must be confirmed by another station before being displayed on the network.

It consists of a crossed loop magnetic field sensor and electric field sensor. According to Relko Dimitrijevic with Astrogenic Systems, the highest reported stroke rate to date was slightly over 2, per minute – boltk in Australia in Its a total shame too.

While the StormTracker can only detect 1 stroke at a time, it can detect up to 3, to 3, strokes per second.

Now it Works again, after six months. The antenna is connected to a PC tracksr a Cat5 data cable. An interesting academic exercise, but without a test spec and schematic I don’t think it’s a solution to the problem.

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