This email contact address is not an “Ask the Firearms Expert” service. This page was last updated: March 1, Posts: Browse Related Browse Related. What are the tubes made of, Stainless steel or aluminum?

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Please feel free to call or e-mail us for further information. The XS Special weighs 8 lb 10 oz or brjley and Briley says the tube set will add about 14 oz to the gun.

The downside is that they aren’t hand-fitted.


When I started my skeet addiction I used a Browning XS skeet and purchased used companion tubes in all 3 gauges. It is in used condition, but is undamaged an Choke Alterations per hole Modify your existing fixed choke to a more open restriction.

Companions were a little cheaper and had the advantage of not needing to send off my gun. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nothing whatever wrong with Tbue tubes. In both guns the tubes were the standard weight version and came in 20, 28 and sub gauges. While easier to change they also are much easier to become stuck because of residue buildup on the threads.


Briley tube set – The Firing Line Forums

Slightly off thbe but just had some interest in Rhino Stingers. I guess my question is what is the benefit of the fitted? This choke is marked M of Modified. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Briley has enhanced the ballistics of our sidekicks by adding a little length. Whats up with that? The 20, 28ga and. For Sale- Participating Members only.

They had to dig around in their mobile shop for minutes to find a single 28 ga. Briley 28ga Companion Drop in Tube set parcoursMay 14,in forum: Aug 24, Messages: Skip to main content.

They have performed flawlessly, and no, I didn’t need to get the triggers worked on.

Then just shoot my SBE a few times prior to waterfowl season and let it go at that. Thanks for your detailed descriptions and thoughts.

On my 20 ga. Browse Related Browse Related. Any idea of the cost of that?


I have a 12ga to 20ga. Learn how your comment data is processed. The are extremely good at their customer relations. Good luck and good shooting!! Post was brily sent – check your email addresses! The ga tubes are stronger and you don’t have to worry about any stuck 20s.

The 20s I just got back in august, took them out the following weekend and ran a 99 at the state, then followed up with my first two ever straights at the World Beiley.

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