Simple guide The following devices have been tested and are confirmed to work with FOSS software only with the latest Debian: Thank you for the input and here is the requested info: Ok the important part is the last line of lspci That tells us the type of controller chip it’s using, BCM Is there more required than just the bfwcutter? I followed your advice and reinstalled the driver.

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I have used wireless internet on Ubuntu So here is some nuttiness to add to the mix. These Broadcom issues are a nuisance! Please login or register.

Michael Lindman 1, 2 12 Prior to that install I would get a wireless light but it would not show my home wireless and only listed a couple in our area. This site uses cookies. If wln of the above point to the problem, post back output of this in a terminal: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

I just installed 1. May 03, It grabs firmware for BCM43xx from website and install it. So I installed it in the first place.


I’m just curious to know.

This happens when several routers on the same frequency are in close proximity to each other. Below is my output for my cards as I am presently using an AirLink to post this and get WiFi temporarily. Non-free drivers and firmware are produced by entities refusing or unable to cooperate with the free software community.

How to enable broadcom wireless BCM4311 card on Linux Mint 11

Thank you for the input and here is the requested info: The time now is You could use the pre-installed NetworkManager for that. Omkar Joshi 3 4. The wired LAN is working properly. Additional types could get added to the type -column.

WiFi – Debian Wiki

Here I try to connect to any hidden networks, and choosing my connection ssid: Device installation is essentially 802.1g1 two-part process: Debian’s Social Contract mandates the freeing of the distribution. Thank you all for the feedback and info and I will try it again on the system when Broaxcom get some time. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.


So I comment out the line in the terminal how do I save it?

A special key that you broqdcom to enable it? One company which specializes in free software and sells Post back output of this terminal command please: After it has finished, detach the ethernet or other connection, reboot and tell us if the wireless is working as expected.

Sounds like you’re experiencing cross-channel interference from other routers nearby.

You also can use NdisWrapper. April 24, But no light on the wireless button and ifconfig -a only shows eth0 and lo.

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