Retrieved from ” https: Cepelinai Kroppkaka Palt Pitepalt Raspeball. Press the edges together along the semi circle to close the Buuz. A small opening remains open in the center. Onion Minced 2 p.

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Insert inlays, close the lid, and don’t open it anymore until the Buuz are finished. Dough, mutton or beef. The buuz is then steamed and eaten by hand, with the dough pocket catching the juices of the meat.

The finished Buuz are cooked under steam without pressure. The tradition mongolian cuisine knows very little vegetable, so that the Buuz are considered a complete meal possibly with Ketchup or other condiment.

Buuz – Бууз

Place dough on a clean work surface and knead with your hands until dough is smooth. A gut rocking Buuz recipe! When served with vegetables or other side dishes, the quantities should easily feed 4 people.

If you mongoliaan not have the dried seasoning you can just use a beef seasoning from the grocery store. It is best only to roll as many circles you can process further within a few minutes. Form the pockets The decorative design of the buuz is a matter of honor for the cook.


The result is a flowerlike pouch, with four openings around the top. Skip to content Buuz- The legendary Mongolian Dumpling We have brought you a special culinary treasure from mongoliam visit to Buryatia.

May 14, at Eugene used a professional steamer as you can see below and steamed the Dumplings for 20 minutes at degrees Celsius.

Buuz Mongolian Steamed Dumpling

Of course, modern technology won’t stop even in front of traditional dishes like Buuz. A few years ago Oli traveled through China and found the cuisine to be most complex, intriguing and sophisticated. Etymologically, it reveals its origin to Chinaas baozi Chinese: At first, the result will probably look a bit clumsy.

This page was last edited on 1 Juneat Honestly, we prefer a good light soy sauce with bits of grated ginger and garlic. Beet soup with vegetable dumplings — Shelly’s Humble Kitchen. Add enough salt and spices the dough has no salt. Eugene is an expert and has already shaped thousands of these juicy fellas. Buuz are cooked under steam, and usually have an opening at the top. When done right, then this will result in a ring, which keeps the pocket together at the top. Complete Meals from Around the World.


You are commenting using your WordPress. With a little practise, you can also try to make six “petals”. Fold the edges from across as well, and press them together into the previous connection. Now start mixing the meat with your hands and combine all ingredients. With your right hand start pinching the dough and bring both sides together, mongollian shown on the photograph below.

Buuz – Wikipedia

Continue mongoliian way while rotating the buuz as you go along. These dumplings look like an ultimate comfort food. Served this way the quantities given are good for 2 people.

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