These are the main characteristics: The design of this phono preampl. C3g Valvo Order Nr: Then, if you click the picture it gets enlarged, and you can see the wires. Oder ein Phantom wurde in die Welt gesetzt und die anderen haben nur abgeschrieben?

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So that is additional to the Barium getter ring or plate. In pentode mode, C3m has distortion figures compared with E80CC, but at much higher gain. All these are brilliant candidates. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with pejtode links. You reach this tube or valve page from a search after clicking the “tubes” tab or by clicking a tube on a radio model page.

C3m C3o is a C3m with 6.

It is my personal suspicion – unproven, mind you – that clipping on transients in poorly designed amps is probably far more to blame for bad sound than a well designed pentode stage.


Now for the S-Version. The load on that circuit neglecting the 1 meg is 8.

C3o This is a 6,3V Version of C3m. Hi, C8 will be critical to sound. C3g Valvo Order Nr: Dies deckt sich mit der aus der Liste von gemachten Angabe “Flachboden”.

C3g pentode/triode

In a few words, this explains why these tubes are so great for HiFi purposes. This document shows the final version of the C3g, which was produced in large numbers. The “3” I believe is to show they are third generation post tubes.

The price of C3g was DM for one tube. Who can remember the ‘s with a long distance call from Europe to the USA? You can not see this wire with the bare eye. Loctal-8, B8G Sylvania, Because of the high manufacturing numbers, these were very good quality.

It may not be burning hot enough. A tube with not enough plate current, that is something else. Hi Ale, A few observations. The ideal repeater amplifier adds no noise, has no distortion, draws no current, is very small, and needs no service.


Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum.

C 3g, Tube C3g; Röhre C 3g ID, Vacuum Pentode

There is only one way: It increases the maximum length of a cable if by putting in repeaters, by amplifying the signal before the signal-to-noise-ratio SNR gets really bad. These were not for sale for other customers.

Here is where the Zirconium getter comes in. This noncommercial construction was used already in DHT post tubes from the ‘s.

Hi-end phono preamplifier

Are the following equations correct: However little tubes like C3g can not really use the getter any more after activation. Indeed the only solution is, to repeat the message before it gets lost in the noise. Guys, you all have been very helpful.

What is the reason for auto bias testing?

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