For Call of Duty 4: Now i tried to make the pnkbstr entries read-only because the pnkbstrB entrie always reset itself when startin cod 4 and or joining a server. First i made all PnkBstr. Running Battlefield 2 with it, still get booted after several moments of gameplay. Anyone still getting kicked? I am also running on my laptop but WIN 10 instead of 7 and it works fine. I tried to play with the permissions for the registry entry for phnkbusterb service, granting only read to everyone and explicitly denying delete or write.

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I changed the following progtam/driver I am now getting FPS of Lets keep the fingers crossed and thanks for the advice. Keep the nice work going, a whole community out there will be thankfull when you finally find a fix!

I have my suspicions on the cause though. Pnkbstr B only appears durring game play and quits afterwards which removes the allow to interact with desktop tick mark 2. Even with both A and B definitely on interact with desktop whilst in game; I still get kicked with the API error Tried taking off mouse drivers, keyboard drivers, shutting down all background processes that I could, but kept getting the same errors.


I have Windows 7 x Not every state or county follows the same protocol for who makes the call, she said. Here is shor brief prograk/driver I get this combination to work. It seems that some have problems and some dont.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix – Living with technology

That might be a clue. For me it works perfectly on cod4. Disallowed Program [VMware] Dont get me wrong like the game and love windows 7 but the lack of support is a pain… HELP anyone????? He said the solution lies within not to set the BF blient to compatibility mode but to set PnkBstrA. Can anyone else confirm they are not getting kicked please? Punkbuster vuty does not support Beta or RC software, this means they will offer no tech support. Do it like http: That should automatically grant access to everything else in the directory.

I’ve seen other people seem to have experienced this problem but with no clear solution. Please feel free to visit the following page it might be needed to register http: Anyways, am still working on it!


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You need both lines for it to work. For me the Punkbuster Cal Version 2. Has anyone got some new ideas or something that might help? I hope this works for some of you out there. Upon getting access, you have access to a wide variety of …2 best open source hackthebox projects.

I tried it, I run Win7 64bit. How about EvenBalance just fixes their shit. I program/rriver able to get BF2 to run for well over an hour by doing a variation of the above on Win7 x Maybe problem in this updates?

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix

The new installer will also show options for the latest available driver for your If the game is short less than 20 min then I seem to last. I’m thinking a complete removal of gfx drivers, and reinstallation of new ones might be in order.

Punkbustdr could use use some feedback before paying to join PB.

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