Forged Composite is lighter and stronger than titanium. Used and in overall good condition. A single 6 was at the low end of things, and there were plenty of 7s to go around as well. Once again, we saw a couple of 10s, and a handful of 9s. Our formulas say the Callaway RAZR Hawk is an extremely forgiving driver, although not all of our testers shared our findings. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I would have thought it was me if I had not had the same thing happen with a brand new Callaway Black driver that I paid a fee to use when I played at Royal Ashburn 2 weeks ago.

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Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? Detailed data for each and every shot for which we collected data is now viewable in the interactive portion of this fraw.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Draw Driver

Mild marks; a few scratches or nicks possible. My problem is with the top edge of the face. Quite literally within minutes of reading the original Callaway adsMyGolfSpy reached out to our contacts at both companies.

They suggested magic marker or a trade for a new one with a charge. If you found this review and others useful, please consider making a cash donation to help support MyGolfSpy or a contribution to our Club Recycling Program.

Forged Composite is lighter and stronger than titanium. If I had to pay for a driver. Draw bias razor hawk driver. For those guys who did hit the Callaway RAZR for us, our subjective scores tell us that most really like the club, and more impressive to the MyGolfSpy staff, the data suggests they actually should.


But, the kicker, I am not the strongest golfer, age 68 with 88 mph swing speed but I know I got at least 10 more yards with this driver—previous driver was Ping G15 which I still think is a fantastic club. Callaway Razr Hawk Draw Driver Set up and ey appeal was good. All single pieces drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, single irons, wedges, putters.

Once again, we saw a couple of 10s, and a handful of 9s. Almost no one loved it a lone 9 was the high rankingbut no one really hated it either a single 5 on the low end.

In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game.

Our formulas say the Callaway RAZR Hawk is an extremely forgiving driver, although not all of our testers shared our findings. For the sake of full disclosure, I was personally responsible for one of those 10s. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

R11 — Burner 2. Overall, our testers missed by a combined average of a little over 18 yards. This driver is still in perfect working condition, however there is a decent amount of cosmetic wear and tear on the bottom of the driver as well as some sc I have other Callaway drivers available. The 6 golfers for whom we collected detailed performance data were asked to hit a series of shots on our 3Track Equipped simulators from aboutGolf.


Callaway RAZR Hawk Draw Driver

Left handed Callaway Razr Hawk Draw Over the years I have owned many other driversand not once has the paint ever chipped, some of those driver were in use by me for many years. I just bought the Razr hawk never used it hearing about the paint chipping is a really bummer eh.

We take actual images Sign me up for the newsletter. Head Ladies New Regular. Vraw 8 years ago. In the end, the overall accuracy score shakes out to what will probably prove to be ever so slightly above average.

My belief is that we may well never see a score above 90 for any club although we have one in testing now that has an outside chance of getting therebut the fact that the Callaway RAZR Hawk was able to entice our testers to circle 10 callway, and 9 several more times, tells me that a lot of guys are walking a way very impressed with this driver. Did notice any added length. That aside, I have been really excited about this driver for some time.

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