Howard ; 1 at Sneads 6 Nov R. Continuing decline, observed, inferred or projected, in any of the following: Suggestions for calculating nest success. Lucia and southwest Puerto Rico. The Florida Ornithological Society web site can be found at www.

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It contained an egg on 2 July but was predated or abandoned soon thereafter. Distribution and abundance of the Dickcissel.

Dozierand up to 4 there 13 Oct J. Will the scourge of the Caribbean impact Florida’s avifauna too? The gopher tortoise almost qualifies for the endangered category if it declines at an average annual rate of 1.

The Eastern Towhee is restricted primarily to scrub habitat on Sanibel, where it occurs in high densities The lighting boundary can be modified under the following conditions: Full text of ” The Florida field naturalist ” See other formats I- [ ir.

Its natural history and extinction.

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Woolfenden, Archbold Biological Station, P. National Geographic Research 6: However, we collected the other captivq lizard for examination. Thevet turkeys, partridges, parrots, wood-pigeons, turtledoves, black- birds, crows, tercels, falcons, lan- ners, herons, cranes, storks, wild geese, ducks, cormorants, egrets of divers colors, and an infinity of kinds of game.


Plants must be in place at the time of occupancy permit and cannot include artificial turf. State endangered species acts. Descriptions provided are based on personal fa- miliarity with the habitats and Cooley The following day, a third singing male was found, accompa- nied by a female that carried nesting material.

Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand [electronic resource]

Bold-faced species denote birds newly reported or verified in Florida, or record high counts. Roofs can be either extensive or intensive systems.

A recent FFWCC analysis of Landsat imagery Kautz and Cox suggested public lands in Florida contained sufficient habitat to ensure the long-term survival of gopher tortoise, but not enough to ensure survival of Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Clark ; 30 or more at Lighthouse Pond, St.

captivva We rank this species as a very likely cowbird host Table 3. At least five of 13 males found in were paired, and the fe- male of one pair fed two fledglings. BithornSavannah Sparrow: Barnes Park 18 Oct M.

The plan must conform to the erosion and sedimentation requirements of the U. He noted the trade of hatchets, knives, and mirrors with the local Indians for fish, venison, turkeys, and bear-cubs. Heat islands increase cooling loads in the summer, necessitating larger, more powerful air-conditioners that use more electricity, in turn increasing cooling costs, producing more greenhouse gases, and generating pollution.


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A poor quality photograph of the bird cannot be identified, perhaps not even to family. Johns River Water Management District in and An emergency petition to reclassify the status of the Panama City crayfish Procambarus [Leconticambarus] econfinae, Hobbs, from capgiva species of special concern to a threatened species. Petersburg Times, 9 December stated. Tetlow15 Oct B. Even so, de Vaca’s list of birds from Florida in is important in the historical annals of Ameri- can ornithology because it e903 the first known list of birds from continental North America Allen ; Johnston Robinson ; 1 in Okaloosa 19 Jul D.

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