Haha – this was pretty much where I was at Rob. Then, when you record enable a track you will hear input through VST. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. View More Photo Galleries. Multiple CardDeluxes can be synchronized to a single sample clock. If you experience problems with this, contact us via phone or email.

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It might indeed sound better than some crap audio in old notebook, well it actually should, but with new notebooks it might not be so.

When xsio is actually hitALL ins start recording at the same time, as opposed to one input being “opened”, then the next being “opened”, and so on.

To change the justification setting for the CardDeluxe: Have you tried the wasapi driver? What’s interesting is the noted 1.

Wasapi vs asio drivers?

Of course, not all ASIO drivers are created equal. You can’t bypass “WDM” itself everything is in the hierarchybut hardware pin support can bypass KMixer.

I have two as well aeio I am very fond of: Pull up your most CPU-intensive project as opposed to one that challenges your disk drives more than the CPU and determine the lowest buffer size that your computer can reliably play back without dropouts. Numbers that work at 44, may not work with 88, or 96, sampling rates. User Control Panel Log out.


The file that you download will be a. Reasons for your score: For a lot of cards, there is one that works better than the other, and for many consumer cards, ASIO just isn’t an option. Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and then proceed to manually install them. Wow, i cannot express my love of this card.

After unzipping the file to either the floppy or a new folder, go to “Start”, then to “Settings”, and then to “Control Panels”.

Carddeluxe Carddeluxe Wdm – Asio Audio Sound Card Driver Download

Go to “Start”, then to “Settings”, and then to “Control Panels. Changing the asio buffers makes no difference, and none of the performance metres are anywhere near peaking. Platinum did not have that problem, either, and bouncing down these 4 count in clips to a single WAV also fixed carddelhxe for X Go the ” Xsio ” section of the website and click on the latest driver for the CardDeluxe to start downloading that file. Essentials Only Full Version.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. However, the two applications MUST be working at the same sample rate. Your audio application may also be able to make this change within its preferences setup.


You will need to check your audio application to see how it deals with bit unpacked data, so you can set our driver accordingly.

Does a CardDeluxe audio card work with Audition | Adobe Community

There is no need to restart the computer. Originally posted by darklordjames nadro – so if your card does KS or ASIO now, then i would highly recommend trying it out. The file that you download will be a self-extracting. Thanks for the input everyone. Make sure that your input is as loud as possible without clipping. However, there will be a slight performance decrease when this is the case. Note that game sounds that are MIDI based such as music will not be heard through our card since it doesn’t have its own FM or wavetable synthesis.

If this doesn’t take care of the problem, contact us via email or phone. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

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