I then took this data back to the company and asked for a refund on return of the unit as it definitely did not suit my application and they complied. All the files had the same date stamp although they were neatly renumbered for easy sorting later. I have 3 ADS pryo drives, same as the citidisk. The back of the box was drammeled open so I could reach the connectors and buttons and there was a velcro strap on the top to keep the battery in place. FireWire Sustained Data Rate: Is an added attachment needed to do this, or is the mount on the citidisk somewhat universal for these type of batteries?

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Forgot the power adapter? Packed inside this 10 ounce device is a GB shock-mounted laptop hard drive, a FireWire bus, and a rechargeable battery.

Thanks Jon, This isn’t really a question at least not one that can be answered. So here is my full fledged review of the Citidisk HDV; I recieved the gb model a little before christmas and I also ordered their extended battery which was OOS and didnt come in until early january.

Shining Technology CitiDisk HDV 320gb Dte Drive

To switch to Quicktime mode, select the green light. March 23rd, No more worries about a dropout ruining your only good take. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Originally Posted by Matthew Fink the quick release in place – it worked well! I record about an hour of footage no problem, sync to my computer, copy the footage down and begin placing them on the time line and then I notice there are random clips of just mosaic noise, and then with the clips that do work, every few of them has a weird humming noise in it which I never experience.


So it’s the same just sold as another brand. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

How to Sync Dual System Sound. Canon expected to release at least citicisk more generation of DSLRs. But the red light is also used to cigidisk tapeless recording. Please enter your comment!

They were all good although i did note a number of dropouts in places. I originally was going to use this to save the heads of the camera and to be able to quick edit things. DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood.

Maybe in a few years they will have something there – but for me it looks like its time to try out a firestore fs I tried 3 different pc’s and a mac and not one would read it – the lights on the back of the citidisk would just blink rapidly.

I have 3 ADS pryo drives, same as the citidisk.

Shining Technology CitiDisk HDV gb Dte Drive | eBay

It worked fine sometimes and at other time just dropped out whilst shooting in non tape mode. FireWire Sustained Data Rate: Out of the ten various length shots i took. Adorama New York, NY. If you need the extra ndv though, external batteries are available. Using more battery power will allow you to take full advantage of the product, since you can record and store up to minutes of HDV video on the drive itself. With the second citidisk I got I started right away recording the internal battery switch did not break this time!


They told me they replaced the entire device which is not true because there was a scuff on the casing from the first device and its still there – so they citicisk have replaced something internally but I feel if a product dies within the return period it warrants a brand new one not a fix – but thats just me Why do we watch movies in widescreen?

September 11th, In DV mode there’s no problem. Lauri, you mention that you’re using the citidisk with your Canon XLH1 batteries.

Ciitidisk say you still record high definition on tape? My first impression was I liked the look and the feel of the device – it was small but felt secure and durable more durable then it looks!

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