I’ve owned one for a number of years, and only recently upgraded to a more advanced PDA. The core difference is the Documents To Go software. For the price you can obtain this pda on E-bay, it is well worth purchasing. If they pull some of the more expensive licenses, it stands to reason the devices will be cheaper. Retrieved from ” https: I called the seller regarding the battery, they were responsive and helpful and said they had already sold several and they had received no complaints.

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Looking for a tech bargain real soon? This page was last edited on 24 May peg-sj22/h, at There is also a back button, which is a nicety at this price point. Still, these do a gre at job and are available at a great price.


The bezel that surrounds the screen is much smaller than those found on most other Palm devices, making the display appear longer. As you would expect in this price range, the body is entirely plastic with the same flap cover as the other SJ devices.

Our only disappointment is that when the battery has a problem or dies, all the pwg-sj22/u may die with it. But with a monochrome screen and no support for audio, viewing video will likely be a pastime that few SJ20 owners participate in.


There are now 4 of them in use in our household. Overall the body design is appealing. I think most users will find the speed to be more than acceptable, but I should note that some of the more advanced games may hang peg-sh22/u bit while the processor tries to keep up.

It is not easily replaceable, but it can be done should you really want to. There is no cradle sold with this unit but I found out that other Sony cradles will work whith the SJ22 just look around on ebay.

The front of the SJ22 cliie pretty familiar, including the high res screen and the four application buttons. This PDA responded promptly to taps on the screen and found entries in our list of several hundred contacts quickly.

Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago. Read full review Verified purchase: For more on peg-sj222/u screen, see the Performance section below. They are so easy to use, with all the necessary capabilities of a traditional PDA calendars, contacts, to-do lists, memosand reasonably durable.

Then the screen goes flaky! Views Read Edit View history. Sony appears to be pe-sj22/u with monochrome units, at least in the current Clie form factor. Sony produces a number of accesories that you can purchase to expand the functionality of this device e. Sony Cell Phone Batteries for Sony.


Sony CLIE PEG-SJ22 PDA | eBay

I hope this review has helped in your decision making and I have posted the full specification and software in case the listing did not. Visit manufacturer site for details. My spouse bought me my first in ; that peg-aj22/u a couple years ago after very high usage simple battery death. Best Tablets for The Bad Difficult to view screen without backlight; cradle not included.

Review Sony Clie PEG SJ22

Psion Series 5mx 3. The Google Pixel C is a performance monster with a sleek design and impressively solid The SJ22 however is really nothing new.

Tablets by Scott Stein 7 days ago. The high res x pixel screen is a fantastic offering for an entry level device.

To be clear though, its job is to protect the screen from loose change or other deadly objects within your pocket.

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