Just about all the edges are rounded and the device sits very well in my hand. March 19, — In fact at times, it acts as a screen to block sunlight or probing eyes. Now that I have NX70V, the audio player doesn’t have the visual effects. It will get roughly 10 hours of music playback with the display off, or 4 hours with it on. Fortunately, Sony has committed to including jog wheels in all of its handhelds, and the SJ33 is no exception.

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And with enhanced backlighting, outdoors or indoors, no matter the lighting conditions, your view is always clear. Here’s an example that shows you didn’t even give a try at Palm OS.

Sony CLIE PEG-SJ33 PDA | eBay

I think the unit feels sturdy and sk33, although a hard drop will likely scratch or crack the case. I tested its battery life under a variety of conditions and it turned out to be pretty good.

Screen The x pixel screen is another Sony staple. The audioplayer is the same as my T Audioplayer version 2. The power light poses a potential problem though.

Go into the software and bring down the menu to “About Audio Player” Sj33 checked, and it it also skinable.


Many of ‘s most dangerous Android and iOS security flaws still threaten your mobile security. Press it to go back one step. Psion Series 5mx 3.


The Kinoma Player can show video at up to by pixels. It is not compatible with the forthcoming Memory Sick Pro format. Battery life has been pretty solid with the SJ line. My old Palm IIIxe had such a shell and it was remarkably scratch-resistant.

Review — Sony Clie SJ33

Contrast that with other window systems, where the same application runs on screens with a wide variety of sizes and resolutions. They both have some pretty good features and their drawbacks.

I plugged into both headphones and my computer sound system and aj33 nothing but great audio. One of these is the Hold button. Sony needed something like the SJ33 to stay competitive.

This is important because often times manufactures send a flimsy plastic one to help cut js33 and weight. It lights up green when the unit is on, orange while charging, and shuts off when the battery is fully charged. No hacks needed, no additional software necessary.

You can keep one hand on CLIE, the other on the phone! As expected, the bottom houses the connector used for the sync cable or peripherals. It does not come with a cradle, but has power adapter su33 USB connection cables included. Web Design by Pure Energy. The audio player does require a memory stick, sm33 is not really a big deal.


Acid Image runs almost as fast as it does on os 5 devices.

But I still think this device is going to face some tough competition from Axim X5. Instead, I used the SJ33 intermittently while an application kept track of how much time it was on. Just about all the edges are rounded and the device sits clei well in my hand.

It’s freeware and takes up “I tested this on both an NX70 and Treo with the built in thumb boards. This is a nice unit that should be pretty quick 66MHz. Sony also includes their standard headphones but no remote control. I think the idea of using Palm Cliw for a x tablet is pretty silly, actually.

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